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South Korea

Geography Country Project(?)- South Korea.

Justine Bajar

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of South Korea

✐Population- 49,158,901
Busan (2nd largest city) also has a dense population but not as dense as Seoul.
Most people prefer to live in the city because that is where you can find the most advanced technologies. You can meet a lot of people. Many job opportunities. And that is also where most well known schools are built. The cities (Seoul and Busan) are both close to the ocean.
opulation Density-
2012, South
rea's population
nsity was 489.98 per unit area.
Korea's capital city Seoul, has a dense population.
The parts coloured in yellow and (light)green is where it is usually a moderate population.
The green part is where the population is usually sparse.
There are too many people living in Seoul (population- 10 million) compared to other cities in other countries.

South Korea

South Korea's population density is 10 times more than the global average.
South Korea, since 2009, is improving from the record of world lowest birthrate which still remains low.

South Korea's birthrate is decreasing and their death rate is increasing.
The population is increasing.
South Korea is a developed country..
South Korea had one of the world's fastest growing economies from the early 1960s to the late 1990s, and South Korea is still one of the fastest growing developed countries in the 2000s, along with Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.
The more developed the country is, the bigger the population gets.
Arable land: 16.58%
Permanent crops: 2.01%
Other: 81.41% (2005)
Secondary: South Korea owns a few well-known brands of automobiles, such as Kia and Hyundai.
Tertiary: In most countries where there are cars, there should be car repairs. South Korea being a country that has two major car brands make it good place to place a lot of car repair stations.
Primary: Primary industries in South Korea are less than a lot of countries in the world, since there isn't much land to grow on, and the land in the country may not be fertile for crops. Most of their primary industries are seafood, or oil refining.
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