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EDR Logo 2010

EDR logo/rebrand initiative

Joel Shaw

on 15 March 2010

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Transcript of EDR Logo 2010

summary current logo logo design objectives meet some of the candidates... turning over a new leaf? font & choice colors EDR
2010 a fresh look at the edr brand
by joel m. shaw
march 1, 2010 The current logo, implemented in 2001, is simple and clean. But what does it mean? simple
Every additional element is a potential distraction and every extra detail is one more thing to forget simple + recognizable = instant brand recognition flexible the logo must be able to withstand many different presentations and still maintain its integrity
ie: web, print, poster, t-shirt, fax, coffee mugs, etc. S
E imple
imited in references
xciting 1. II. III. a leaf means fresh. It's very organic and also associates well with all things environmental. EDR would like a clean, fresh and easily recognizable logo. EDR would like to move away from the home-grown, hand-drawn look that is sometimes prevalent in their business materials (ie: website, reports, marketing materials).

A new logo and brand will establish uniformity, consistency and a professional look among all aspects of the company.
V IV Logo No-no's avoid transparency & gradients (overly complex)
metaphors or a complicated backstory
rely on color to relay effect
too many fonts or too many colors
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