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A Little Introduction of Ginq (PHPMatsuri 2013)

No description

@hajikami twitter

on 15 July 2013

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Transcript of A Little Introduction of Ginq (PHPMatsuri 2013)

of Ginq
(Just a Little)
a PHP library
inspired by LINQ
created by
(not me)
What is Ginq?
easy to use arrays and iterators
able to write it like SQL
evaluate lazily
Try Ginq
You can describe what you want
When Procedural...
When Using Array Functions...
You need temporary valiables
You can describe
how to get
You can describe what to want
You need an argument of the array per call
Just an employee from Kansai
Often using Excel
In suits-costume-play whilst working
Crazy languages!
PHP, C#, Scala...
English, français, Cymraeg...
But not able to using them :P
Having passed the APEF 3-kyu, which was a French exam at this 11/Jul. :D
Check it on github!
Who am I?
They are evaluated immediately
They are evaluated lazily
Je vous remercie pour votre silence :)
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