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To kill a mockingbird - chapter 24

No description

myria costappi

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of To kill a mockingbird - chapter 24

Atticus comes home. He tells Scout, Aunt Alexandra, and Miss Maudie that Tom Robinson is dead .He was shot seventeen times, as he tried to climb over the prison fence.
Atticus leaves with Calpurnia to inform Helen. Aunt Alexandra feels sympathy for Atticus, but she composes herself and they go back in, acting as if nothing is wrong. Scout joins them in their effort to keep up a ladylike attitude.
' Stop that shaking'... then let's join the ladies', she said grimly. (page 261)

Why do Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra act as if nothing was wrong?
'' 'I can't say I approve of everything he does... doing what they're afraid to do, they're-' (page 260)

What does this show about the relationship of Aunt Alexandra and Atticus?
It's the end of August, and Aunt Alexandra is hosting a missionary tea at the Finch house.
She's letting Calpurnia serve, rather than controlling every detail, like she usually does. Moreover Scout is indoors, while Jem teaches Dill how to swim.
Scout is wearing a dress and she joins the conversations of the other ladies.
'' 'Oh child, those poor Mrunas,' she said, and was off...but J. Grimes Everett knows.'' (page 254)

Is Miss Merriweather a compassionate person?
To kill a mockingbird - chapter 24
Aunt Alexandra was portrayed as a tough woman, who did not express her feelings. At this point though, she is very vulnerable and caring. Although she does not support Atticus' actions, she cares about him. She knew that his decision, to take on Tom Robinson's case, would not be accepted by the rest of the people in Maycomb, even though he is doing what they are too afraid to do. She just wants it all to end, as it tears Atticus to pieces.
Miss Merriweather feels sorry for the Mrunas, and believes that she is a compassionate person, when she is really a hypocrite. She believes that the Mrunas are oppressed and an outcast of the society, yet, she would never treat them as equals, as indicated by her attitude towards the black people of Maycomb.
Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra act as if nothing is wrong . They put themselves together after hearing the tragic news, as they believe that it is more important to maintain an appearance of civility, rather than expressing their emotions.
'Aunt Alexandra looked across the room...so could I' (page 262)
What is the relationship of Aunt Alexandra and Scout?
Scout admires the fact that her Aunt and Miss Maudie act as if everything is normal. She realises that there is an element of challenge involved in being a lady.
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