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Using Animoto in the Classroom

Animoto is a wonderful way to make learning interesting and fun for our students. It is an ideal tool for creating videos and presentations. It takes just minutes to create a video which can bring your lessons to life.

Nicole Groft

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Using Animoto in the Classroom

Animoto is an ideal tool for creating videos and presentations. It takes just minutes to create a video which can bring your lessons to life.

What can I use Animoto for? What can my students use Animoto for? What is Animoto? Animoto benefits all learners First you sign up... Teachers can use it to...
create attention grabbers for lessons
introduce, review and practice vocabulary
introduce a new strategy or math problem
review different elements of stories
review important concepts taught
create interest in/or introduce a writing prompt
to create videos of field trips, class projects, highlight student of the week

Students can use Animoto to....
create a variety of book/movie trailors discussing a specific book
create a video reviewing certain elements of a story (setting, plot)
create timelines, biographies, news clips, story boarding
For more ideas of how students can use Animoto in the classroom please click on the website below
http://www.classroom20.com/forum/topics/hello-animoto Animoto is a web based tool used to create videos without a camera. Teachers and students can combine photos, videos and music to create these videos. Animoto is free when creating 30 second videos or if you want more features, you can upgrade with a small fee, Higher level learners (Tier 1 and 2):
Create videos individually or in a small group.
Used as part of independent study.
Provide additional information on a topic being discussed
Lower Level Learners (Tier 3)
Visual aid that can be used to review/better understand a concept
create video to peak interest in a topic they would otherwise be uninterested in So how do we use Animoto? Using Animoto in the Classroom Teachers loveAnimoto! Then you create your video!
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