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No description

Nick Juel

on 20 November 2012

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Point Of View Conflict Genre Nick Abbot Main Character. Characters Nick's Back Yard basketball court,
School's gym
"After I handed the receiver to Mom, I went downstairs to the den where Scott was watching. . . ." (Deuker 41). Setting Mood Chase your dreams. you can achieve greatness if you believe in yourself. Theme Plot Night Hoops Point of view: First Person.
Nick talks about himself
"I could have fed Luke the ball, he was open under the hoop, but instead di dished the ball to Trent." (Deuker 71) Man vs. Man
Man vs. Self
Character vs. Character Realistic Non Fiction. Nick's dad builds a basketball court
In their back yard and wants Scott to Practice on it every day and be a great basketball player because Scott has the talent to be. But Scott gives up basketball because he would rather play musical instruments with his girlfriend. When Nick and Trent practice on that court all off season his dad notices how well Nick is beginning to be. Nicks father goes to every one of Nicks game and the most Important one The championship game. Deuker, Carl Pages 212 Scott Abbot, Nick's older brother
Trent dawson Nick's friend.
Nicks dad, Pushes Nick do be a good basketball shoter Overall impression Residence: Ballard, Seattle
Birth place: San Francisco
College:University of California A.B. English
University of Washington MA English
UCLA Teaching Credential
Other books: On The Devil's Court, Heart Of A Champion are just few of the many books he has wrote.
Life: Carl Spent most of his career as a teacher, he had some experience in the news paper. He played basketball and taught Volleyball but after a sprained ankle he had to give up both.
Family: Carl is the son of Jack and Marie Deuker, he has one sister Elizabeth. He is Married to Ann Mitchell she has one daughter Marian
("Carl Deuker's Official Website") Motivational
Inspiring "I drove the ball hard into the lane, i faked to Trent's side, the defender bit, and i dished the ball to Luke for the score. We were tied at sixty-two." (Deuker 166) The book overall was a good, it was slow to start off then it got better as the basketball season got underway. I can relate to the main character because i play pointguard in basketball too.
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