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Aquae Sulis

No description

Ellie McCann

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Aquae Sulis

By Lydia, Lucan, Ellie and Lottie Aquae Sulis The Roman Architecture The Hypocaust how did the water from the spring get to the bath? The romans invented;
Waterproof cement
the use of bricks
Building with Arches
They also were the first, to build with scaffolding.

Materials and Structures plumbing and sewage The Romans bought new architecture and buildings to Britain. Such as hypocaust, columns and brick houses. the Hypocaust was the system that heated the roman baths. the hypocaust was piles of bricks on which the floor was built, there was a furnace under the floor to heat the air, the floor was raised to allow the hot air to circulate and to heat the water withing the baths. Who Built Aquae Sulis? In AD 43 the Romans started the development of 'Aquae Sulis' as a sanctuary of rest and relaxation. In AD 70, the Romans built a reservoir around the hot springs, and then a sophisticated series of baths and a temple dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva. A temple to Aesculopius, discovered near the Cross Bath provides a clue to there being a Roman bath on this site dedicated to healing, not just to relaxation. As the army were the first Romans to settle in Bath it is thought that the army built the Baths. There is a stone tank around the Spring. It was sealed with lead to stop the water from leaking away. It could only go two ways: to the baths or through a big drain out to the river Thank you for listening :)
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