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"A Timeline of My Life"

No description

Andrea Penado

on 3 January 2014

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Transcript of "A Timeline of My Life"

"A Timeline of My Life"
age 0-10
When I was Borned my mother was going through a lot of problems , including getting divorced. She got divorced from my dad when i was 4 years old, the only person I learned to see as a dad figure was my uncle William , he had been one of the best dad's and uncle at the same time, he taught he how to walk and he taught me how to ride the bicycle, and he would help me on my school work and would teach me things that would help me in the far future. Ever since kindergarden I had been in a catholic school and i was raised in the Catholic religion.
Age 10-20
I came to the United States on February of 2008, and i started school here as soon as I came , I had to repeat 6th grade for the months left of the school year. It was hard to addapt myself to this life because it was something way different than where I was coming from , even the language, my days started taking a routine. It was hard to learn English but everyday my classmates would teach me somethin new, I finally went to Middle school and my life was already arranged and used to the United States life.
Introduction of my life
My Name is Andrea Maria Penado Dominquez..... (HISPANIC OF COURSE, long name) I was borned in San Salvador, El Salvador on June 25th, 1995, I am the youngest daughter of Clara Colon & Jose Penado. I have one older sister Helen Penado and one young step sister named Andrea Denisse. My parents were not planning on having another child , but they took the opportunity and the surprise like if it was the first one, I was raised by a single mother that day by day has showed me and my sister how much she loves us..
My mother came to the United States when I was 11 years old , she came here to give me and my sister a better future , she re-married with a Puertorican man whose name is Victor Colon, He was such a nice person, and a great step father he has been there for me and my sister ever since day one , it was pretty hard to actually accept my mothers new beggining but i learned it was for her hapiness. He was so happy and excited to meet us and he fixed our papers so we could come to the United States and start a new life for the better.
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