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Copy of My Desktop template

Thank You for your SUPER MOTIVATING support - in response I created another template you can use, its a PARLA-like story board. .Enjoy.

veneta andreeva

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of My Desktop template

Internal order CO Object 2 Notes CO Object 1 WBS element Internal Order CO Object 3 Cost Center Notes Matrix Partners preso! Harvard Business Review How to lower the cost of enterprise sales? Controlling Which costs in which CO object to collect? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ brief overview of the process WBS Element The Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC) exceeds the Life Time Value (LTV) a customer brings us. This is my third go-around selling to large enterprises, SkyStream, Kontiki and now Qumu.

I like to explain to you the problem the way I see it, the changes I suggest to avoid making the same mistake again. and Travels to Clients Cost Center ?? Question????
How do we valuate materials? N.B.:
DME expenses ONLY WBS Report / Period 07 - 07.2012 Veni, can I buy posters for 1 000 on promo "summer Time" ? ERP System CRM system Promotional
project created
in CRM (TPM) system WBS Element
created in ERP
automatically Actual costs
of DME posted
to WBS
elements NO
Settlement N.B.:
Production & Haulage expenses
Subcontracting expenses
Maintenance expenses (plant, fleet, CDE)
Vehicle expenses Internal order
Created in ERP ERP System Internal order
settled at period end Costs collected
during the period Material Cost Center PV Account Internal Order Fixed Asset settlement rule as master data: for PCC, HCC, Subcontracting & Vehicle orders
as transaction data: for plant, fleet, CDE maintenance orders actual costs posted to the order: i.e. raw materials consumption, spare parts usage, etc.
costs posted for confirmed activity type quantities: i.e. man hours, production hours, etc. Internal Order
are posted with confirmed activity types per planned activity type prices Cost Centers
are posted both with actual costs and with confirmed activity type quantities 2. Calculate actual activity type prices per cost center 3. Re-valuate Internal orders and cost centers with the calculated actual activity type prices 1. Postings during the Period N.B.
Used for all other costs ERP System NO Settlement Costs collected
during the period Cost centers are grouped in a Standard Hierarchy Standard hierarchy of CCs Combinations between cost element <-> cost centers are defined on Corporate level!!! P o f i l t y Income Statement

Net Sales Revenue 100 000
COGS (45 000)
Gross profit 55 000
Operating expenses (30 000)
EBIT 25 000
Interest (5 000)
EBT 20 000
Taxes (2 000)
Net Income 18 000 Balance Sheet

Non- current assets 80 000
Current assets 20 000
Total assets 100 000

Current liabilities 10 000
Non current liabilities 30 000
Total liabilities 40 000

Equity 60 000 Cashflow Statement

CF from operating activities 35 000
CF from investing activities (15 000)
CF from financing activities 2 500
Net cash flow 22 500 Financial Accounting Reports Controlling Reports Client 1 P&L

Net Sales Revenue 20 000
COGS (11 000)
Gross Profit 9 000
Operating expenses (7 500)
EBIT 1 500 Business transaction FI Client 2 P&L

Net Sales Revenue 60 000
COGS (25 000)
Gross Profit 35 000
Operating expenses (15 000)
EBIT 20 000 Client 3 P&L

Net Sales Revenue 20 000
COGS (9 000)
Gross Profit 11 000
Operating expenses (7 500)
EBIT 3 500 CO GL Account
(P&L) Cost
Center Internal
order WBS
element Cost element Actual Costing and Product Cost Planning every material that forms COGS, i.e. ZFG, ZSF, ZRW... ... Standard price all other materials, i.e. spare parts, auxiliary items .... Moving average price period-end !!! P&L per CPL and SKU Sales Qantity x Base Price 100 Cs

Gross Sales Revenue 1 000 €

Deductions 200 €

Net Sales Revenue 800 €

COGS 300 €

Gross Profit 500 €

OPEX 150 €

EBIT 350 € 2. CO-PA document created 1. Billing doc. posted at standard price druing the period at actual price at period end 3. At period-end revaluate with actual COGS Profitability Analysis Splitted with OPEX allocation per CPL/SKU 1. Costs to allocate 6 000 eur 2. Driver - UC sold
Metro 20 30 50
Billa 40 60 100 3. Allocated costs
Metro 400 600 1000
Billa 800 1200 2000 OPEX allocation Slide 53 !!! controlling goal
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