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Sam Sheppard Case

No description

Becca Mueller

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Sam Sheppard Case

The Sam Sheppard Case
Marilyn was murdered early on the morning of July 4, 1954. The trials began in the year 1954, and lasted until the year 1966.
The scene of the murder was inside the couples bedroom, at their lake front home on Lake Erie in Ohio. The now non-existent home had the address 28944 Lake Road in Bay Village, Ohio.

Marilyn - The victim
Sam Sheppard - The accused murderer
Richard Eberling - The window washer and other suspect
Parties involved
The motive of his supposed murder:
DNA suggested that someone else had been in their house.
There was evidence of a staged robbery.
The room was soaked with blood
.There was also blood on Sam Sheppard's trousers at the crime scene.
There were tiny red fibers under Marilyn's fingernails, but they didn't match Sam's clothing
Marilyn was beat to death
Marilyn showed evidence of a sexual assault.
Because Marilyn fought against the attacker so forcefully, the attacker must have had many injuries but Sam had none.
The Sheppard's dog didn't bark during the attack.
Sam Sheppard was charged with both first and second degree murder. After he was sentenced to life in prison, they had a retrial and he was found not guilty.

The case was never fully solved, and the case was deemed inconclusive. First Sam Sheppard was found guilty of 1st degree murder, but later there was a retrial and he was found innocent.
There was also another suspect, Richard Eberling, but he was found innocent as well. To this day, they still don't know who killed Marilyn.
Everyone who was involved in the case is now dead, except for Sam Sheppard's son, Sam Reese Sheppard. Sam R. Sheppard is now trying to clear his father's name, and is suing the state of Ohio for wrongful imprisonment. This case has even inspired the T.V. series and movie "The Fugitive."

The Sam Sheppard case revolved around the murder of Marilyn Sheppard, the pregnant wife of Sam Sheppard.
Sam claimed he was sleeping when he heard the cries from his wife. He said he ran upstairs and was knocked unconscious. He then woke up and chased the intruder out and onto the lake. Again, he was knocked unconscious. He then called his neighbors and asked for help. When the officials arrived, they found Marilyn dead and the case for the killer began.
Except for the one spot the murderer was standing
She was hit 27 times in the head, and a total of 35 hits in all with a blunt weapon
The supposed intruder didn't even take any money or shotguns. It seemed more like vandalism than robbery.
Could it be because the dog recognized the intruder?
The motive was so he could continue his affair with another women and so he could get out of his marriage without ruining his reputation.
Trials began and never fully ended. When DNA evidence proved Sam and the other suspect innocent, investigators had nowhere to turn. Since most everyone involved in the case passed away, the case was named inconclusive.

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By: Becca Mueller & Grace Hu
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