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joe jonas

all about joe jonas ( stem )

Virginia Noyes

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of joe jonas

all about Joe Jonas albums
1.Give Love
2.Burnin' Up
3.Still In Love 4.WithYou
6.Play My Music
7.I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
8You’re My Favorite Song sibling nick jonas frankie jonas joe jonas joe jonas was born on August 15, 1989 in Casa Grande , Arizona
his orignal name is Joesph Adams Jonas , he has three brothers ( Kevin,Nick , & Frankie Jonas ), his mother name is frankie jonas kevin joans joe jonas tv shows / movies
1. Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
2.camp rock
3.J .O.N.A.S L.A. mom Kevin Jonas Joe dads nick Jonas Frankie Jonas
Franklin Nathaneil Jonas family /siblings joe kevin jonas biography
Joseph Adams Jonas was on August 15,1989 in CASA Grande,Arizona
at Casa Grande Medical center.He weigh about 140 and his height is about around 178 or 5 to 10 ft high. he has blue eyes and brown or black hair . he is around the age of 22 .He has a pet dog name coco . He has three brothers ( nick{middle},kevin{oldest } , and finally Frankie { yougnest } Jonas . His nick names are dj,jj,joe,and danger .he to act on Disney channel. He is a Americna solo artist , singer , song writer ,musican, actor , and a dancer . He is Part of the Jonas Brothers pop - rock band with his two Brothers ( Kevin and Nick Jonas ).IN his spare time he likes to jog and work out . his very first dream of becoming a comedian or auditioning a skecht shows .He strated His solo ablum with his friends in the studio and his brothers supported him with his solo project . he is also a close friends with "Zoey 101" and Alexa Nikolas. albums / songs
1."This Is Our Song"
2."Wouldn't Change a Thing"
3."You're My Favorite Song"
4."We Got the Party
5."Burnin' Up" movies / tv shows
1.camp rock
2. camp rock 2 : the final jam
3. hannah montana
4.J.O.N.A.S L.a. music genres
1.teen pop
2. pop rock
3.Christians rocks
5.Dance - pop Favorite Instrument
4. 5 guitars
5. tambourine Denise Jonas (mom ) Paul Kevin Jonas ( dad ) Favorites things
1. Chicken cutlet sandwiches with mayo,(food)
2.Chocolate marshmallow ice cream(food)
3.Dumb and Dumber,School for Scoundrels( movie )
4.Johnny Lang( singer )
5.Switchfoot( band )
6.Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,Natalie Portman( actress) favorite eye : blue Favorite tv shows / movies
1.Extreme Elimination Challenge
5.Boy Meets World
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