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Age of Reason

No description

dwight hoper

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Age of Reason

Major Characteristics
Focused heavily on religion
believed that human events are
controlled by a divine force
belief that the truth can be acquired by a divine revelation
date range: 1701-1800
What was going on in the world at this time?
Most Notable Authors
Benjamin Franklin- worked as a printer for poor Richard's Almanack
Sir Issac Newton-English physicist and mathematician
Francis Bacon- developed a method for philosophers to use in weighing the truthfulness of knowledge
Ideas this period is reacting to
the people were reacting to the end of monarchy and against rationalism

Age of Reason
Intresting anecdotes about these famous authors
A wise man will make more opportunites than he finds.
Its not just a good idea, its a law.
To succeed, jump as quickly to opportunites as you do to conclusions.
What was going on in America at this time?
Ideas this period spurs
How this literature compares to literature elsewhere

people were convinced human reason could discover natural laws
The revolutionary war was being led by Thomas Jefferson
the decline in the power of absolute monarchies
a decline in the pre-eminence of the church and rise of modern political ideology
This period created ideas of egalitarianism and progress for humankind.
In this era peoples literature focused mainly on new ideas, the
meaning of life, why they were put on earth, ect.
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