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Maintaning Social Order

No description

Mark Gordon

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Maintaning Social Order

Maintaining Social Order
Maintaining social order is having a system of laws and basic rights for all people. Maintaining a social order has a good impact on the citizens because it manages them and keeps them in order. This is one of the main purposes of a Government and it must be used in it. This will keep the dicipline in people and have them do things the right way as well as having equal rights amongst all people no matter their race, or cultural backrounds.
How does the U.S Government maintain Social Order?

The Government in the United States maintains social order in alot of different way. One way that they maintain social order is the fact that they place sovereignty over territory. The government follows a certain constitution that lays out the basic rights of citizens and rights of all people no matter their race, or religion. The governement follows these laws and they cant be broken without consequences and that is how the government maintains social order in the U.S.
Providing Public Services
Providing Public Services is having a service that is provided by the government to all of its citizens regardless of their income, home, or wealth. Examples of a public service is the police department being able to help anyone in need, or a firefighter taking care of a fire at a building. The services can be provided to anyone that is in danger or in need of these certain services. The government does not restrict anyone from using them even if they struggle financially the serivce must still provide them with care.
How does the U.S provide public services?
The United States government provides public services in a numerous of ways. One way they provide public services is that anyone may be able to contact the police, or fire department in times that are necesarry for survival or times where you need help. The government also allows citizens to ride public buses to get to places when citizens do not have a car. Public serives are used in all types of situations especially in this day in age.
Providing National Security
Keeping the citizens of the United States safe from national threats and harm that people may encounter on a day to day basis. The dont only worry about the people but the nation itself. They dont look at problems occuring only in the U.S but also outside of the U.S. The national securty will protect the nation from threats outside of the U.S like terriost groups, other nations threatening to attack. The U.S government is responsible for protecting citizens in the U.S.
How does the U.S provide this?
The U.S provides national security in severeal ways. First, the armed forces that protect the nation by fighting out of the nation and stopping bad forces from harming other nations and the U.S. Second, there is the CIA and FBI who are responsible for protecting the nation in a more covert fashion. Third, the police and fire departments that are based locally and provide protection on an immediate basis.
Making Economic Decisions
Decisions that impact trade, business, lending, large corporations are economic decisions. These decisions are made by fincancial experts, economic advisory panels, and business leaders. These decisions determine which direction our country is going. It also impact individuals from lending rates. By making these decisions, these individuals are trying to insure that the U.S remains strong in the world market.
How does the U.S make economic decisions?
For the most part, business leaders make decisions about products and services that are being put in the market. The federal reserve bank goes about making decisions regaruding interest rates. The federal reserve bank is led by the federal reserve chairmen who is a government offical appointed to control the federal reserve.
The purpose of making economic decisions is to successfully make the U.S into a strong country economically and keep the nation going in a strong direction economicaly.
The purpose of providing national security is having the U.S and also having the citizens of the nation have protection from harm of nations.
The purpose of providing public service is having an active police and fire department active for al people in need of immediete help. The government is not restricting anyone from getting a education and also getting help from a hospital or a local department.
The purpose of maintaining social order is for having legal rights amongst all people and not having one right over one race or religion and also having equality amongst all U.S citizens.
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