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5.4 Thousandths

No description

Lincoln Boyd

on 20 August 2015

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Transcript of 5.4 Thousandths

Beast Mode put down the Skittles and began training for next football season. On Tuesday he finished his sprint 0.305 seconds faster than he did on Monday.

Use what you know about decimal place value to explain the meaning of 0.305.
Guided Practice
How would you write 12.008 in word form?

What about 6.02?

What about 5.5?

TRY IT OUT: Marshawn Lynch averaged 247.128 yards per game last year. Write that number in word form and as a mixed number.
Yesterday we learned how to express amounts in TENTHS and HUNDREDTHS using fractions and decimals
SILENTLY: Sharpen your pencil, use the bathroom, pass your THLA forward, and complete your "Do Now!"

You have 15 minutes to do all!
What if we kept going...
3/1000 = 0.003

How about 3/10,000 =0.0003

What about 432/1,000?

Or 54/10,000?
Guided Practice
Write each decimal as a fraction or mixed number:

1.) 0.003
2.) 0.4
3.) 0.15
4.) 5.2
5.) 7.009
6.) 12.021
Thursday, August 20th

(remember if you complete your "Do Now" you get a 100%, if you don't get a ZERO!)
Write the following decimals as fractions:

1.) 0.5
2.) 0.71
3.) 0.04
4.) 0.03
5.) 0.2
Write the following fractions as decimals:

6.) 1/10
7.) 19/100
8.) 4/10
9.) 2/100
TODAY - we will learn how to express amounts in the THOUSANDTHS using decimals and fractions
When do we use thousandths?
3 / 1000 0.003
Write each fraction as a decimal:

7.) 389/1000
8.) 9 7/10
9.) 3 43/100
10.) 7 9/1000
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