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Glacial Deposition P.5

Alex Morgan, Marissa Silvia, Adrian Magana-Cabrera, Daniel Garcia

Earth Science

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Glacial Deposition P.5

By The ADAM Co. Glacial Deposition Glacial Deposition: Vocabulary Factual Facts More Factual Facts What is glacial deposition you say? Glacier- Any large mass of moving ice or snow.
Till- The sediments deposited directly by a glacier.
Drumlin- A long, narrow or oval, smoothly rounded hill of unstratified glacier drift.
Erratic- Noting or pertaining to a boulder or the like carried by glacial ice and deposited some distance from its place of origin.
Moraines- A ridge, mound, or irregular mass of unstratified glacial drift, chiefly boulders, gravel, sand and clay -Retreating glaciers also create features called kettles. Glacial deposition is when glaciers melt, it deposits the sediment it erodes from the land, creating various landforms.

*Glacier deposition occurs when ice melts.* Citations/ References -Drumlins are formed of till. -Glaciers carve or sculpt away the land beneath
them. -Glaciers cover about 10% of the land surface on
-Moraine forms where a glacier deposits mounds or
ridges of till. -When glaciers melt, it deposits the sediment it erodes from the land, creating various landforms. -Ice sliding over a moraine may shape into a drumlin. -Other features in a glacial sediments are prairie pothole. *Padilla, Michael, and Loannis Miaoulis,
and Martha Cyr, and Joseph Exline. Earths
Changing Surface. New Jersey. Prentice Hall. 2000 Questionare??? -The collective name for all the sediments and debris deposited under glacial conditions is Glacial Drift. DOK1 - What are drumlins? DOK2 - How are glaciers and till related to each other?
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