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No description

Danara Utemis

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Project

HDC Chocolate! HDC founders Acai Berries Cacao 4 P's Product:
meeting consumer needs
of high quality and safe
providing guilt-free pleasure
combining special ingredients Price:
$70- $130 Promotion:
Internet Marketing
Magazines & Newspapers
Local Community
Tradeshows Cold Calls
Group Meetings Local Events
Radio & TV Place:
clean & nice environment
50 stores worldwide &
3 of them in KZ SWOT Strengths:
no pesticides
no harmful ingredients or GMOs
scientifically supported
employee profit sharing program
renewable packaging materials Weaknesses:
price Opportunities:
expand market share
online-tour for customers
"Trip to HDC Factory" lottery Threats:
decline in economic conditions;
lose key personnel;
competitors HDC products are safe for diabetics HDC suppresses appetite and aids in weight loss HDC reduces heart diseases risk Conclusion HDC marketing concepts:
marketing concept
green marketing concept HDC's Competitors Our Contact Information:
“Almaty Towers”, 9th floor, 39th office.
Tel. 333-33-34 See you there!;) One bln people eat dark chocolate every day;
About 50% of all food cravings are for chocolate, 16% for "something sweet", 12% for salty foods, 11% - baked goods, and 4%- fruit;
Dark Chocolate stimulates the secretion of endorphins;
Only 5% of chocolate products are healthy (milk chocolate, white chocolate, and instant cocoa). + =
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