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How to use prezi?

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Paco Lam

on 24 January 2015

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Transcript of How to use prezi?

How to use prezi?
How to sign up to prezi?
First click on "Start your free month".Then will appear three apps and then click on the first app.It says"Public Your current license$0/month Free, no surprises PUBLIC presentations All your prezis will be public Core features Edit and share prezis 100MB storage space Enough for a few prezis."After that it a few questions will appear which ask you your G-mail passwords, G-mail, name and last name then press sign in but before you press sign in click on the button which says "I agree to the terms of use".
How to create a prezi?
Once you finish signing up, click on new prezi then choose your template.After you selected your template click "use template" then the template pops out so you can start editing your presentation/prezi.
Tools that can be used.
{Some of the tools that help you are on the top of the screen.}
{Tools that help you while your're editing a text box look like this and it's on the top of the text box you're typing in.}
{If you click on frames and arrows this will pop out.}
{If you click on Insert this will pop out.}
{If you click on themes this will pop out.}
How to make a good presentation

By: Paco lam
Quiz time!
Q1.Where are the tools that help you during the editing?
Q2.What is the first step of signing up on to prezi?
Q3.What do you do after signing up on prezi?
Q4.What do you press before you press sign up?
Q5.Where are the tools that help you but not while typing and will appear there the whole time at prezi?
A1.On top of your text box.
A2.click on "start your free month."
A3.Click on new prezi.
A4.Click on "I agree to the terms of use"
A4.On the top of the screen.
More information
• Logging in with Facebook will link your Prezi account with your Facebook account. This means entering your information is faster and easier for us and for you.
• If you prefer not to sign in with Facebook, or you don't have a Facebook account, that's fine. Click on “Sign up now”.
• Choose the Prezi license that works for you.
• You can choose from a free Public License, an Enjoy License, or a Pro License. Alternatively, if you have an active educational email address, you can sign up for one of our educational license.
• Enjoy and Pro Licenses are both paying accounts and will require payment details. Both license types also come with 30-day trial periods during which you can cancel your payment at any time.
• Depending which account you choose, click on the corresponding link.
Prezi is a zooming presentation software that helps you organize, present, and share your ideas. With Prezi, you move seamlessly from brainstorming your ideas to presenting them. Create a more cinematic and engaging experience and lead your audience down a path of discovery.

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