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maddie ziegler

No description

tori fox

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of maddie ziegler

Maddie Ziegler's life The wonderful music
playing, upon he stage,
a single kick lands nice and soft,
an exquisite leap across the stage.
This is a dancer on the stage, dancing
elegantly. A silent pause, she got a standing ovation. This person on the stage is Maddie Ziegler, is one of the most popular dancers in the U.S. Maddie only ten years old, and she is this popular. People all around the U.S
watch her dance on the show
called dance mom, on
lifetime the studios name
is Abby Lee dance company. by: Tori fox Maddie's full name is Madison Nicole Ziegler. Her dance instructors are Abby lee
and Gina, she dances with her friends
Brooke, Paige, Chloe, Nia, and Kendall and last ,
but not Mackenzie, her sister. Maddie's best friend out of those six is Brooke Hyland. Maddie has danced when she was three or four. That's pretty long for being in dance, especially for being with Abby, because of how strict she is and how much she yells at her students and their parents.Abby's voice has a different tone when she talks normal without screaming because her vocal box is use to her screaming and yelling. Maddie was born september 30th 2002 .
Maddie is an amazement in Abby's eyes,
shes her favorite dancer in the studio. Her family are Mackenzie, her sister and Melissa, her mother. She has a Yorkie named Molly. Maddie had won ten crowns for all ten solos she had won. This is Maddie and Chloe with
two of Maddie's crowns. I look up to her because i'm a dancer myself,
and I think shes an amazing dancer to. ALL ABOOUT HER Competing her dances Maddie is one very popular girl. They travel everywhere on competition days they go to Michigan, Texas, Florida, and even California! Maddie and her crew win almost everywhere they go! (and if they get second place Abby would freak and say " second place is the first one to lose!" ) all of the moms are jealous of Maddie because their daughters caint dance that way. Awarding Maddie and her crew have gotten almost every award possible. they have gotten like platinum's or double platinum's, trophy's or plaques. Now that is a splendid score right there. Maddie when she
was littler. Maddie been dancing for nine years and ten after new years day. Maddie and her crew are very popular from Dance Moms, they dance very good and have interesting dance like one about them being in a car crash, and one of them survived it and and one about zombies rising from the dead. Her dancing career Maddie car crash dances. Abby has a very creative mink. The compete every week. Maddie dances her heart out because she loves to dance. She dances every day after school. Maddie is an All-A student but she skips school for dance. Abby has a saying "Dance comes before school" even though that is not true. School comes before dance.

Maddie is 10 years old. She is in 4th grade. She was born September 30, 2002. Maddie is Abby's favorite dancer. The people in Maddies' family are: Mom-Melissa; Dad-Kurt; sister McKenzie and Maddie. She also has a dog Molly. Maddie's mom and dad are divorced. Maddies best friend is Brooke Hyland from her dance studio. Her favorite color is pink. She has won 10 crowns from all of her solo's. Sited sources www.pegotboard.com
www.thetvinformat.com Dedication I dedicate this story to Maddie Ziegler and for looking up to her.
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