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Big as a Whale.

No description

Yeni Huerta

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Big as a Whale.

Yeni H. & Daniel H.
Big as a Whale.
Blue Whale
Length in Meters: 3.0 x 10¹
Weight in Kilograms: 1.6 x 10⁵
Girth in Centimeters: 1.4 x 10³
Daily Food Consumption
in Kilograms: 4.0 x 10³
fun fact- their tongue can weigh as much as an elephant.
Humpback Whale
Length in Meters: 1.6 x 10¹
Weight in Kilograms: 3.6 x 10⁴
Girth in Centimeters: 1.219 x 10³
Daily Food Consumption
in Kilograms: 1.36 x 10³
fun fact- they sing, and their songs are complex with each population singing its own unique song.
Gray Whale
Length in Meters: 1.5 x 10¹
Weight in Kilograms: 3.5 x 10⁴
Girth in Centimeters: 9.15 x 10²
Daily Food Consumption
in Kilograms: 1.2 x 10³
fun fact- most gray whales are born around mid January and are born at an average of length of 12 – 14 feet long at birth.
Orca Whale
Length in Meters: 9.7 x 10⁰
Weight in Kilograms: 5.44 x 10³
Girth in Centimeters: 5.5 x 10²
Daily Food Consumption
in Kilograms: 2.3 x 10²
fun fact- each pod has its own dialect of calls (that only they use).
Right Whale
Length in Meters: 1.525 x 10¹
Weight in Kilograms: 6.36 x 10⁴
Girth in Centimeters: 9.15 x 10²
Daily Food Consumption
in Kilograms: 1.36 x 10³
fun fact- they were named by whalers who identified them as the "right" whale to kill on a hunt.
How many times longer is a blue whale than krill?
One krill is approximately 15 mm in length, so to figure it out, you would have to do 30 m by 1000 mm, getting 30,000. Then you would divide that by 15, getting 2,000.
So a blue whale is 2,000 times larger than a krill.
How much will each whale consume in one year?
y = 365 x DFC.
Blue Whale
365 x (4.0 x 10³) = 1.46 x (10⁶)
A blue whale consumes 1,460,000 Kg of food each year.
Right Whale
Orca Whale
Humpback Whale
Gray Whale
Which whale fits in our classroom?
Hugging a Whale
We hope you had a WHALEy good time going through this presentation.
Students Needed to Hug Each Whale
Blue Whale
Girth (cm) 1400
Students y=1400/166= 8.43= 9 Students
Girth (cm) 1219
Students y=1219/166= 7.34= 8 students
Right Whale
Girth (cm) 915
Students Y= 915/166= 3.51= 4 students
Gray Whale
Orca Whale
Girth(cm) 550
Students y= 550/166= 3.31= 4 students
Girth (cm) 750
Students y= 750/166= 4.52= 5 students
They eat krill and copepods.
classroom dimensions-
length- 8.9115 meters
width- 8.9115 meters
height- 2.742 meters
diagonal- 12.6 meters
Only the Orca fits, and only diagonally because the diagonal length of the room is 12.6 meters, and the Orca is approximately 9.7 meters.
8.9115^2 + 8.9115^2 = 12.6^2
365 x (1.36 x 10³) = 4.964 x 10⁵
A humpback whale consumes about 496,400 kg of food each year.
Daniel- 160
Yeni- 167
Celeste- 165
Aracely- 169
Arturo- 170
Jesus- 175
Leslie- 152
Kaliah- 170
Justine- 168
Katie- 163
Christy- 164
Trey- 189
Michael- 175
Tristan- 178
Reagan- 185
Corina- 170
Rachael- 170
How to find mean.
Looking at the graph, to hug a whale with a girth of 8 m, it would take about 5 people.
The mean of the classroom arm spans, is 166 cm.
To find how many students it would take to hug a whale, you would use the equation y=x/166, with x being the girth of the whale.
Arm span of the class in centimeters
To find mean, add all, making
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