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Is it better to take risks and perhaps make some mistakes or

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Matthew Macenka

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Is it better to take risks and perhaps make some mistakes or

Taking risks
Topic: When taking risks you will teach yourself to succeed.

Body paragraph 3
Topic: By not trying, you won't know if you have a talent or not.
Is it better to take risks and perhaps make some mistakes or remain cautious and risk nothing?
Explain using specific details and examples in your response.
Body paragraph 1
You will be able to correct yourself next time you do it.
Learn from the mistakes
It will build up your character
Topic: It will help you with future references
If you wanted to start your own business you must take risks
You won't be as fearful
You will know what to do and what not to do
Body paragraph 2
It is worth trying something new because you might be good at it
You never know if you don't try
Don't give up on your efforts
Type of Introduction:
Series of Questions??
Would you take risks knowing you might fail? Would you just stand there and be cautious? Taking risks is one of the stepping stones in life that builds you up to be who you are. Think in the future as if you were cautious as a kid. You probably wish that you could do some stuff now that you turned down, but your too old to try it. Risk takers learned from their mistakes and came out stronger.
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