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Christianity: The Basics

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Reuben Lewin

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Christianity: The Basics

Christianity: The Basics
What is Christianity?
Christianity was the 2nd of the Abrahamic, monotheistic religions to develop in the Middle East.

Christianity grew out of the Jewish religion.

Jesus, the founder of Christianity was carpenter who created a denomination of Judaism that became Christianity after his death.

The Holy Books of Christianity
The holy texts of Christianity are the Old Testament (The Jewish Holy book) and the New Testament bible.
Teachings of Jesus
The Hebrew God is the one and only true God. (Monotheism).

One must accept Jesus as the Messiah, lord and savior in order for one to find salvation in heaven.

One must ask forgiveness of ones sins in order to go to heaven.

End times will come. Jesus will return. Those who have accepted Jesus as the Messiah and Savior will ascend to heaven.
Who was Jesus?
Jesus is recognized by all of the Abrahamic religions. Christians consider him to be the son of God and the founder of Christianity.

Jews consider Jesus to be an important Jewish historical figure.

Muslims consider Jesus to be one of the prophets before Mohammad. Muslims do not believe Jesus was crucified.
Jesus in Depiction
It is the duty of good Christians to spread Christianity
Christianity is the one true faith, and it is the duty of Christians to spread the faith, and bring non-Christians into the light.
The Holidays
Like many other religions Christians celebrate a number of holidays every year. Two of the most famous are Christmas and Easter.

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Christ. Although it always falls on Dec 25th many historians believe Jesus was more likely born in the spring.
While the Jewish Old Testament (The Torah) had been circulating the Middle East for centuries, the New Testament was written following the death of Jesus.
Christ's Disciples
As Jesus traveled around and preached he developed several followers.
His followers were known as "Disciples" a word in Greek that means to "know or to follow."
After Jesus died his Disciples became "Apostles" meaning they attempted to go forth and spread his teachings.
The Disciples and the Bible
Although all of Christ's disciples preached his teachings, only some of them had gospels that made it into the New Testament.
Out of the original Apostles we know that a handful had their original writings included in the New Testament.
Most historians agree that the following Apostles contributed the majority of writings in the New Testament. They are Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter and James. Mark wrote much Peter's eye witness account due to Peter's advanced age.
Western Jesus
Historical Jesus
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