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Helen the Rebellious

No description

Eilidh Ryan

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of Helen the Rebellious

Don't Climb Over Gates
After not very long,
She came to a gate...
Now, the right thing to
do would be to stop
and wait.

But Helen the Rebellious climbed over the gate!
Helen the Rebellious
found some wood.
Did she just walk
past like she should?

No, Helen climbed the stacks because she could.
Don't Climb Random Objects (1)
Just off the path stood
a ladder so high.
How did it get there
and why?

Helen the Rebellious
climbed up to the sky.
Respect Signs (1)
She went on her way
but oh no, alas!
For "safety reasons" they
had closed the path...

But Helen the Rebellious
carried on, unabashed.
Respect Signs (2)
When she came across a
reservoir, she was shocked.
A sign said that people had
died at the loch!

On her face, a look of shock.
Be Wary Around Water (1)
But Helen the Rebellious
was aptly named.
With a steely glare,
the water she tamed.

Or so she claimed...
Eat Sensibly (1)
The wonders of nature
in its forest bed.
A gleaming toadstool,
all shiny and red.

Which Helen the Rebellious wanted to be fed!
Stay Away From Steep Drops
Oh look, a cliff...
On the other side a very big dip.

Aaah! Helen the Rebellious explored then slipped!
Helen the Rebellious
And Her DofE Adventures
Helen the Rebellious went out on a quest,
The little fledgling flew the nest.

Don't Climb Timber Stacks
In the morning, it was time for food.
Helen the Rebellious thought that food was good.

But it put her in a slightly pyromaniac mood...
Take Care With The Trangia
It was time to pack up and hit the road.
Kathryn said the tents had to be stowed.

Helen the Rebellious did as she was told!
Be Careful With The Tents
She forgot to tie her laces in a loop
to ensure her shoe stayed on her foot.

Make Sure Your Shoes Are On Properly
Helen the Rebellious was making good time.
When just in front of her she saw a sign...

Isn't Removing a sign a crime?
Respect Signs (3)
Oh look, a beautiful stream.
Don't get too close, you will fall in and scream!

Helen the Rebellious started to lean...
Be Wary Around Water (2)
Eat Sensibly (2)
Together again for lunch, what a thrill.
A teddy bear's picnic if you will.

Casually eating Nutella,
with a fork,
on a hill...
Helen the Rebellious found a bridge next to a hedge,
Don't get too close to the edge!

But Helen rebelled and stood right on the ledge!
What is that strange object that I see?
And where on earth could Helen be?

Climbing up it like a tree!
Don't Climb Random Objects (2)
A rickety ladder,
a door that's out of bounds...
Surely it would be best to stay on the ground.
Don't Climb Random Objects (3)
A surprisingly busy country road, on a hill so steep,
to the edges we must keep...
Keep To The Side Of Roads
Don't Be Reckless
But through that door Helen is bound
Right in the middle,
true to form,
Helen the Rebellious is asleep!
Despite what was thought, despite what was said, Helen the Rebellious made it home to bed.
...Surprisingly, still with her head!
The End.
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