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Book Report

Jacob Howard

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of THE RIGHT FIGHT

Author:Chris Lynch
The theme of the story is to fight for what you believe in.
A book report by JACOB HOWARD

INTRODUCTION: The Right Fight by Chris Lynch is a historical fiction book about a man who gives up one of his favorite passion, baseball, to pursue something bigger. It is an action packed book about World War II and a man's journey to help out his country. The man realizes that his new journey of fighting in the war is like playing in a whole new baseball game. It's hard work, exciting, and stressful.

This story takes place in the early 1940's. With locations from Boston, Massachusetts to Algeria, Africa. Algeria has a desert like terrain.
Character Descriptions:
Roman Bucyk: Roman is a semi-pro baseball player who loves playing the sport,but leaves it behind to go to war after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.Roman is engaged to Hannah, who also joins the war and becomes an air traffic controller.

Pacifico: Pacifico is Roman's co-pilot in the tank and a very sensitive person. Pacifico was drafted into the war therefore he never wanted to be in the war.

Logan: Logan is the gunner in the tank and the most excited person when it comes to fighting the Nazis. Logan also enlisted into the war like Roman and cant wait until the next battle. He enjoys shooting.

Wyatt: Wyatt's job in the tank is to keep the guns loaded. He is usually confused about what is happening in regards of his crew and the war.

Commander Cowens: Cowens is the commander of the tank therefore the leader. He is an experienced veteran, and spent time fighting in the Spanish Civil War. He is knowledgeable which makes the men of his crew respect him and trust him.
Personal Review
I thought this book was truly amazing.
This book pulled me in right from the start with giving up on baseball, and fighting for his country to help others in the field of battle.Thats the kind of books I like to read.
Roman is a semi-pro baseball player who is engaged to a woman named Hannah and plays for the Red Sox organization in Boston, Massachusetts . He has always loved the game of baseball and is happy to be playing it. He works hard on and off the field and is always fighting for what it right on his team. He is a leader on his team and is always looking to make things better.

Unfortunately, at the time that Roman is playing baseball, World War II is beginning and the United States joins the fight. The war is what everyone is talking about and Roman takes interest in it. Roman decides that the United States needs help in fighting the war against the Nazi's and decides to give up playing baseball and join the military.

He joins the military and has to leave his fiance Hannah at home. She understands about what is happening and she is proud of him.

CLIMAX: Roman goes to war soon after he joins and is placed in Algeria, Africa to fight for his country against the Afrikan Korps. The Afrikan Korps is a part of the African army. Roman is given the job of being a tank driver and quickly finds himself in battle and loves it. Roman meets many new people and becomes friends with the people he is fighting with in the war. He meets Pacifico, who is his assistant tank driver, Wyatt, who is the ammo jockey, and Logan, who is the gunner for the tank. His commander, Cowens, is a very intelligent man and helps Roman and the other men protect themselves during the war.

Roman and his friends need protection because gun shots are being fired everywhere and missals are launched. Roman thinks that he may die, but he knows that he must continue fighting for what he believes in. He tries to remember that it is an important job for his country and that he gave up baseball to do this.
The war in Africa starts winding down and Roman and his friends get to go on leave. Everyone on the tank team decides that they want to go home to visit their families, except for Roman.

Roman's fiance, Hannah, decides that since he is fighting in the war that she would also. She becomes an air traffic controller for the WAAC. The WAAC is the Woman's Army Air Corps.

Roman is happy for her but, knows he cannot go home since she is working.
Roman decides that he wants to continue to fight and tells his friends that he is going to Berlin. He tells them that he got a ticket and is leaving right away.
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