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Photo Essay- Downtown Vancouver

No description

Julie Lee

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Photo Essay- Downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver
Coal Harbour and Second Beach
Lost Lagoon Marine Biome: Thank you
for listening to my presentation and I hope
you enjoyed it! Urban: Decomposer Consumers Urban
Biome: Producers Moss Trees, grass, and bushes, and flowers Humans Barnacles and Mussels Decomposer Producers Kelp Seaweed Consumers Marine: Seagulls (marine birds) Natural
Biome: Domestic animals (Downtown Vancouver) (Coal Harbour and Second Beach) (Lost Lagoon) Various water plants, trees, bushes, weeds, and grass Producers Raccoons Canadian Geese Ducks Swans Great Blue Heron Squirrels Crab Starfish Consumers Decomposers Fungi Moss Comparisons Urban Marine Natural HUMAN
DEVELOPMENT Urban: MARINE: Natural: Urban Biome where- seen? how- survive? Bacteria Modern Vehicles Modern Buildings Public Transit (dis)advantage
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