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Glamping exam

No description

Katarina Leci Sakacova

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Glamping exam

• Continued in the research

• Suppliers side

• 6 glamping resorts contacted

• 4 e-mail interviews

What I did:
• Quiet & remote environment

• Quality service, comfort & luxury

• Adventurous activities

• Relax, connection to nature/animals

• Compromise between needs of men (camping) & women (luxury)
What glamping sites think glampers want?
What glampers really want?
• Bonding experience (couples, families)
• Privacy
• Feeling special
Only one resort emphasized:
• Romantic atmosphere – ensuring bonding for couples
Glamping - Nature served on silver platter
Katarína Leci Sakáčová
Price aspect:
• Research:
resort glamping expensive
caravan glamping can be cheap
• Expensive VS cheap
• A cost saving alternative to cabins and higher end resorts
Caravan glamping resorts are missing:
Special needs of caravan glampers are not focus of anybody
Thank you for your attention!
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