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Essie Nails

No description

Iris Tso

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Essie Nails

Petal Pushers
Silver Bullions
Brides No Grooms
Brides to Be
Parka Perfect
Turquoise Caicos
Who is the Boss
Hubby for Dessert
Tying the Knotie
Serial Shopper
Tea Crumpet
Island Hopping
Swept Off My Feet
Head Mistress
She's Pampered
Sure Shot
Island Hopping
Company Analysis
34 Years of Experience

L'Oreal Leadership

Phenomenal Historical Growth

Expected Future Growth

Tea Crumpet
Industry Analysis
Nail Services:
2012 - $7.47 billion spendings
2014 - $8.54 billion spendings

Serial Shopper
Competitive Analysis
Brides No Grooms
Customer Analysis
Premium product with low price
Wide selection to fulfil different demand
Create loyal consumer

She's Pampered
Target Market
Primary target:
Age 17-25
Fashion concious
Trendy lifestyles
Idolize celebrities
Secondary target:
Age 26-34
Well educated: college plus
Working professionals
Classy and sophisticated
Focus on apperances
Nail care is important
Enjoys getting manicures and pedicures

Head Mistress
Swept Off My Feet
Marketing Objective &
Product Objective
Increase the company’s market share
Retain old customers
Acquire new customers
Young girls from 17-25
Celebrities advertising
Competitive prices
Higher quality than competitors
Take advantage of the joint venture with L’Oreal

Sure Shot
Points of Difference
Diverse range of nail polish colors
The nail polish is elegant and looks expensive, yet it is bought for a decent price
Captivating names for every nail polish color
Shorter and smaller girth brush
The nail polish will stay without peeling for a minimum of 10 days. No other competitor has matching durability.
No Chip nail polish
Tying the Knotie
-High quality brand
-Medium price range per bottle
-Seen as elegant and quality nail polish that is designed to last

Hubby for Dessert
Product Strategy
Essie nail polish, a L'Oréal brand
More than 250 color shades
Each color has a charming whimsical and unique name
Prize wining “No-Chip” formula
Aimed to strengthen, protect and enrich nails
Chip-resistant, long lasting and affordable
Free of harmful chemicals: toluene, formaldehyde, DBP

Brides to Be
Price Strategy
Women in the age of 18 to 34 years
Upper socioeconomic classes
Young professionals
Fashion forward
Strategically priced
Essie: $8.50 for a 0.46 oz. bottle
OPI: $9.50 for a 0.50 oz. bottle
Sally Hansen: $6.48 for a 0.50 oz. bottle
Prices are cheaper at wholesales or online

Parka Perfect
Place Strategy
Who is the Boss
Promotion Strategy
Turquoise Caicos
New Promotion:
Essie Girl
Silver Bullions
Petal Pushers
Social Media
Drug Stores
Department Stores
Global Expansion
Celebrity Endorsements
Social Media Blitz
Traditional Ad Campain
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