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Capture/Recapture method

No description

jesse bolling

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Capture/Recapture method

Last year's class trip demonstrating the capture/ recapture method
As a result of this lesson, we will be able to...

*construct a representative sample (ratio) using data
*solve proportions to estimate total populations & finding an unknown percent. ...now let's do our own Reach into your bucket and take a scoopful of fish.
Count the number of fish, mark those fish with your marker, and write that number on your worksheet.
Put them back in your bucket. Using your capture/recapture chart, take a sample like
you did in step 1.
count the number of tagged fish and total fish.
record the data in your chart.
repeat this process 4 more times. Step 2: Step 1: Step 3: In order to condense your data into a single ratio, decide as a group the best way to determine a ratio that represents your samples. This will be your "representative ratio".
using mean, median, or mode might work Something to ponder: If you mixed the fish well, should the ratio of tagged fish in a sample be nearly the same as the ratio of tagged fish in the lake? Step 4: Now as a group, use your representative ratio to write and solve a proportion and find the number of fish in your "lake".
the -- tagged fish in sample -- is your representative ratio
total fish in sample
since your variable (total fish in pop.) is in the denominator, you must invert both ratios, and multiply to undo the division. Shake your bucket!!!!! Objectives The Capture/Recapture Method ...but, dont forget to.... ...after every sample Objectives. Did we achieve them? Extension: Now, if for group "x", 25 fish were tagged and their estimated population is 193, what % did they tag? ...well, we know the ratio of part (25) to whole (185), but what should our other ratio be? 25
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