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Answering Network Marketing Objections

How to answer objections to your network marketing business

Mark Gubuan

on 24 January 2011

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Transcript of Answering Network Marketing Objections

How to answer objections The Most Common Objections Let's take a quick look at why people object in the first place Confused
Not the decision maker
Fear of failure
Don't know you "I'm not a sales person" "I don't know if I'd have the time" "I'm just too busy right now" "I just have to think about it" "Isn't this a pyramid?" "I can't afford it?"
"I don't have the money right now" "I really would like to try this before I can REALLY stand behind it" "I'm not interested" Gone are the days where we needed to use the 3 foot rule, the friends and family lists, the waste of advertising dollars to untargeted individuals. We are living in an age where we can make it so that we only talk to pre-qualified individuals. Prospecting When you're out prospecting for new distributors and representatives, you have to make sure you are talking to only people who you WANT to work with. People who you know by the characteristics you have identified as the perfect candidate for network marketing. These are the people who will work autonomously and who will absolutely be your soaring eagles.


This means don't look for people who need help. Look for people that already are successful and want to help others. This is a cut-throat industry and if you don't recruit the right people you are doing yourself a big, big, disservice. Pre-Qualifying Pre-qualifying your prospects will snuff out most of the objections from the get go. Objections like, "What is MLM?" or "Is this a scam?" will NEVER come up if you are pre-qualifying your individuals for your time. Your time is the most valuable resource that you have and you definitely cannot spend time with tire kickers and negative individuals.

I personally choose to prospect people who take care of themselves mentally, physically and emotionally. I like to pre-qualify people based on their outlook on life, what their short and long term goals are and their overall around attitude. Obviously no one is perfect and everyone has flaws, but you can see there are better prospects than others. Eliminate ALL Objections
They Come Up Look I'm not here to paint pictures of rainbows and butterflies.

Skills pay the bills. PERIOD.

If you're recruiting an untrained prospect this is what you say:

Mark: "Well, then don't. I use diffent tools like web videos, cd's, dvd's and email autoresponders to do the selling for me. However, if you want to make money in this business, you need to learn new skills. Are you willing to put in the time to learn new skills?"

Prospect: "Yes."

Mark: "Then I'd be willing to work with you because the nature of this business is coaching and mentoring anyways." If you've already taken your prospect through the show and tell process, then they're just being indecisive and you need to evaluate whether or not you want to work with them.

But if they're just analytical in nature, like me, then this is a good thing. You'll have to use your judgement here. But you can say this:

Mark: "Great, I appreciate you really taking the time to understand the opportunity here. I'd be worried if you were just jumping into things blindly. Let me give you a couple of things you can do to make a more educated decision.

Evaluate the leadership of other companies. See what kinds of track records they have. Evaluate the upline support.

Take a look at the products/services and determine how you'd market the products. In other words, what's the system they use."

By doing this you're showing them that you're not afraid of losing them and when they go back to another recruiter and ask these questions it will make you look good because you've already answered these questions about your opportunity. If you get this objection, its because you didn't do a good job of demonstrating the value in your product or service.

It's not about cash flow, it's about creativity.

No worries, though. Here's what you say:

"<Prospect Name>, if you don't partner up with me, where do you see yourself in 6 months from now? Are you in a better situation or are you in worse situation? If you don't have a couple hundred bucks to spend right now, then you're obviously in a situation where you need to make a change.." GO ON TO YOUR CLOSE PROCESS


"<Prospect Name>, funny thing is I didn't have the money either (Tell your story about how you raised the money). Do you think you'd be willing to do that? What would you be willing to do? The cool thing is that if you have a couple hundred bucks, we can take that money and turn it into thousands..." GO ON TO YOUR CLOSE PROCESS This objection usually comes up for health and wellness companies.

What you want to do here is make sure that your prospect/customer really understands the value/benefits BEFORE you try to bring up the business opportunity. But even then, you'll still get this objection.

Here's what you say:

Mark: "You know a lot of people make that mistake in this industry <prospect's name>. And the reason that's a mistake is because people don't realize that you don't need to try the product/service.

This company is well established with excellent leadership and investors. This company wouldn't be in this position if they knew exactly what market to enter or what product to produce.

The current success should tip you off as to the fact that what their doing is "working".

Here's the thing <prospect's name>, you may not get any noticable benefits from this product/service. But the second you give this to the people that know and trust you and they come back with, "this is great! I want more!" you'll start promoting this like never before."

Then continue on to the close. If you're taking this business seriously, then you need to become a leader. This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE!!

Mark: "You know <prospect's name>, if you're serious about making a change you'll do what it takes to MAKE time. That's what I'm here for. I'll work with you directly to get your priorities straight and I'll tell you exactly what I do."


Mark: "<prospect's name> there are only so many hours in a day. Doing something like this is LIFE ALTERING, everyone that is in this industry was in your position at one point or another. We simply MAKE TIME. That's where I'll help you understand where to prioritize your time and implement other time management strategies to maximize your time prospecting, recruting and making money."
Mark: "Why are you a pharoh?"


Mark: "Yes, and we're in Egypt"


Completely ignore the question because your prospect obviously needs more information on your business. Have an abundance mentality.

You don't need to waste time with people that don't care. That's why you've developed a funded proposal system.

This system is what keeps you talking to only pre-qualified individuals.

The quicker you get off the phone, the sooner you get on the phone with your top prospect. At this stage, you should be able to eliminate the "typical" objections that people might have by pre-qualifying and prospecting the right way. Are you self-employed, or own a business? What do you do for a living? What do you like/dislike the most about it? Why are you looking into new opportunites? Are you primarily looking for a part-time income, or are you looking for a serious full-time income? How much money are you looking to make? Given you find the right opportunity, how much time are you prepared to devote to your business each week? If you had the opportunity to thoroughly review our business, and you were absolutely convinced that you could make $XXXX at it, are you in the position to invest $XXX to get your business up and running? Yes no maybe #1 Objective This presentation is brought to you by markgubuan.com Prospecting and Pre-Qualifying Some Questions to Ask Call to Action: 1. Invite 50 people to view your presentation
2. Present your business venture to all 50 people
3. Recruit UP!! - Prospect professionals
4. Do this daily
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