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effects of litter

No description

Micah Fan

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of effects of litter

Trash in the water
2.4 billion people don't have clean water because of litter
toxic substances are thrown and washed into streams which pollute the water
Animals are frequently tangled in trash and are cut, slowed by extra weight, or drowned. Reefs and important habitats are damaged by fishing nets and heavy gear
albatross parents unintentionally feed plastic to their chicks which starves them by filling their stomach
birds and filter feeders that take food from the water sometimes mistaken plastic for other foods, like fish eggs, plankton, etc.
endangered species like green sea turtles and Hawaiian monk seals are threatened by trash
What We can do
Spread the word about how littering harms the environment
volunteer in beach cleanups, trash pickups, etc.
and pick up trash when you see it
throw away your own trash
and recycle what you can
Its that simple!!!

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The Great Garbage patches
Great Garbage patches are large amounts of trash that accumulate in the middle of ocean gyres. The majority of the trash in the ocean is tiny pieces of plastic, and most are microscopic. Plastic is broken down by heat and sunlight as it ages, which breaks down into smaller pieces.
Thanks for watching!
Dangers of Litter
a study of 2014 estimated that every year 8 million metric tons of plastic from land enter the sea
litter and trash cause respiratory difficulties, infects rodents, causes injuries, and also depression
enters through streams that lead to the sea
Litter takes a long time to decompose-
Styrofoam decomposes in millions of years
diapers decompose in 500 years
cigarettes decompose in 10 years
orange and banana peals take more than a month
fire hazard
carry germs and can be harmful
needles and glass can cut and infect
looks unpleasant
can damage nature
Reason why we need to be aware
of litter
Litter is destroying our ocean and is polluting the streets
damages the nature and threatens species
injures and kills animals
chokes animals
traps and cuts animals
takes forever to decompose
carries germs
Ocean gyres
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