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Paiges Boston Terrier prezi

No description

paige skiscim

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Paiges Boston Terrier prezi

By: Paige Skiscim Obedience Exercise Diet Where I got my information:
bostonterrierhub.com The Boston terrier is a very obedient dog. They are one of the best dogs you could ever have. They are very good with small children. When you train your Boston Terrier puppy you need to train them when they are a year old or else it will be very difficult to train your puppy. The Boston terrier is a very lazy dog. They need to get exercise in order to be healthy. Just one walk a day would be enough for a Boston Terrier. The Boston terrier is a very good dog but, they do have a few health issues. They have a very small snout so it makes it harder for them to breath. They cannot exercise for a long period of time. Also, they have respiratory issues. Cataracts are a common issue for Boston terriers as well. A healthy diet for your Boston Terrier is feeding them twice a day. Also, not giving them human food like candy, corn, bread, chocolate, etc. But a treat every once in a while is fine. If you give your Boston terrier this diet you will have a Boston terrier with a shiny coat, healthy teeth, and there weight will be perfect. References The life of a Boston Terrier Health Where I got my images:
bostonterrierhub.com To learn more about this amazing animal click on this video :) Where I got my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0W95tuefZ4
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