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Google Play

No description

Stephanie Noonan

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Google Play

By Stephanie Noonan and Justin Yeh Google Play What is Google Play? Marketing Objectives Present Market Meet Davis Behavioral Objective Increase frequency of visit to the store
-Check every other day
Consumers can complete their search in 5 min
Increase # of times Android owner uses app Mental Objective Excited about using Google Play
Confident about the downloaded app quality
Willing to express and share dissatisfaction about app Creative Message "PLAY YOUR WAY" Rebranding in 2012 Our Main Message Communicate with consumers that the applications offered through Google Play are quality products that would allow them to express themselves Apple VS Android
Android has 3X more users
Apple has 3X more revenues
Android has more cheap and free apps An online application distribution forum that allows Android users to review and download books, movies, music and most importantly Applications, or Apps
Apps can cover a variety of topics, including, games, lifestyle, and organizers New Market to Target Android users... 24% use an App only one time
17% use an App twice
23% use an App more than 10 times Increase of Dedicated Google Play users Brand Positioning In 2011:
9% of Android users paid for 20 or more apps
12% had never paid for an app
In 2012:
19% of Android users paid for 20 or more apps
7% had never bought a paid app Select the Media Measuring Outcome "To the Generation C Android owner who is looking for new methods of organization, entertainment and self-expression, Google Play is the platform that offers the best App experience because users can be confident that the Apps they purchase are worth their money and fulfill their lifestyles." Media: Internet Digital
Personalized emails/Placed ads
Award for Best Apps
30-second videos
Articles about Apps
Google Play App Store
Social Media Sites
Smart Phone Store Meet Mitch Sample Customized AD Gender: Male
Age: 21(18 - 34)
Resident: Chicago Suburb
Income: Middle class
Late Adapter
Money Saving Gender: Male
Age: 25 (18-34)
Tech savvy
Heavily engages in social media Increase heavy Google Play user to 50% by 2016, which consists of over 50 million US users. Golden Android Award
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