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Dewey Decimal System

Introduction to the Dewey Decimal System

Jennifer Snowbank

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Dewey Decimal System

The Dewey Decimal System
Libraries were a MESS!
How should libraries be organized?
By Title?
By Author?
By Size?
By Color?
Melvil Dewey
Helped establish the
American Library Association
(ALA) in 1876.
Co-founded the Library Journal
Developed the DEWEY DECIMAL
SYSTEM to organize libraries
and end the mess!
Originally developed in 1876. There have been revisions made as late at 2003.
Divides books into TEN main categories.
would save the day?
Each group or subject is represented
by a three digit number from 000-999.
Each of the TEN categories can be broken
down further to be even more specific!!
Dewey Decimal System
isn't just for NON-FICTION.
800s = Literature, Poetry, Plays, and Fiction
Which means that all the FICTION
books in the entire library could
be categorized in the 800 section.
That would be one big section!!
300s = Fairy Tales
& Folklore

200s = Religion
and Greek Mythology
Libraries still use
the Dewey Decimal system all over the world.
Thanks Dewey!!
American librarian and educator (1851-1931)
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