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The Raft

1st Quarter ELA Accountability Projcet

Clay Allen

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of The Raft

The Raft
By S.A Bodeen
Author's purpose and Point of view
Genre and Facts about S.A Bodeen
Characters and Character motivation
Mood and Tone
Figurative language
Foreshadowing and Flashbacks
Five Unknown words
Irony found in The RAFT
Reading Strategies
Book Recommendation
The genre of The Raft is realistic fiction. Realistic Fiction is a practical fictional story. The Raft fits right into this category. It is realistic fiction because anyone can crash at sea on a plane. Just like flight Malaysia Airliner did, but what makes it fiction is the story is not true. That's what makes it realistic fiction though.
1.) Was born in Wisconsin
2.) Author of The Gardener
3.)Her real name is Stephanie Stuve-Bodeen
4.) The book the Gardener was a Truman finalist
5.) She adores other author's books
6.) She has written another book the called The Compound
7.) The Compound has won the Nebraska Golden Sower Award
8.) She writes most of her books at the kitchen table
9.) Some of her books have made the good morning america show as a topic
10.) S.A Bodden has a family and lives in Oregon
The main setting takes place in the ocean on a island miles away from midway ( Robie's home). First Robie travels to Honolulu to see her aunt. Then the setting shifts to a cargo plane at a airport. When they are flying that's when the plane crashes into the pacific ocean. From there Robie is stuck at sea. Then when she thinks there is nothing for miles she hits land. From there Robie is stuck on a island with almost nothing.
1.) Atoll- A chain of islands surrounded by a coral reef
2.) Vagrant- A rover going from place to place
3.) Idyllic- Very scenic and visual
4.) Gravely- To a high degree
5.) Plasma- A flat display making up in array of tiny cells
The author's purpose of the story is to show what it feels like to be at rock bottom and still have hope. Robie is dehydrated and has a giant gash in her head. She has gone through lots of mental trauma seeing max die, and seeing, what real nature looks like. All this and Robie still pushes on till her breaking point.
The author's point of view is in first-person as Robie's point of veiw. This first person because it says " My nose was burning while the green mohawk dude pierced my nose" page two. I know this is first person view because of the words it uses.
There are two main characters in the RAFT. Robie and Max. Max is a co-pilot that works for a cargo plane airlines. Max is tall and in-shape. He has done wrestling all his life and he loved it. Robie is the person the story is told through. Robie is a medium sized girl that is very tan and has a diamond nose piercing.

The character motivation is very different in this story. Max dose not have a motivation in the story cause he dies midway through, but that what causes Robie's motivation. Robie's motivation is to see her parents again and not die. The thing that really pushes Robie thourgh is thinking of Max and reminding what she wants to live for.
The mood of the story hopeful, yet exhausted. The of the story is set when Robie is on the atoll alone saying she is going to live, but she knows she is not going to. One example is when the baby seal (starbuck) was surviving alone right after her mom died. Then Robie was very hopeful that she was going to live. Then while starbuck was swimming a tiger shark picked her up and eat her. That's when Robie got exhausted of all the real wildlife can do.

The tone of the story starts of self sympathy because all Robie cares about is herself. Going from island to island without telling her parents anything. The getting her nosed pierced without her parents permission, and tanning all day without helping with the house at all. Then towards the end she starts caring for others seeing how Max pretty much gave his life for and, seeing how much Max cared for others.
The main conflicts in the story was man versus self, and man versus nature. The first example of man versus self is when Robie decided to shoot a flare or not. Robie was questioning her decision to shoot a flare or not that was a situation of man versus self. The next situation is man versus nature this when nature was holding water back (not raining) and Robie had to try to find water. This was man versus nature
The author used a foreshadow when ever a tiger shark was a about to come into the story. Whenever a tiger shark appear there would always hear a bump, bump, bump. Then you knew a tiger shark would come in.

The author used a flashback when Robie thought she thought the reason why the plane crashed was because of her. She flash backed to when she thought she went over the weight limit of the plane.
I recommend this book to my teacher Mrs. Avis. I know you have not read the book yet, and you really want to read it. The book is very suspenseful with lots of different plot twist in the book. I know you like books that have a confusing edge to them. This book you will like a lot and hopefully you will read it.
In the RAFT here is much use of figurative language. One example is when Robie thinks the plane acknowledges her flare. She says" my heart almost burst into joy" page 157. Her heart really wasn't going to burst into joy she was just really happy. This is an example of a metaphor. The second example is a simile " the blur of a red mouth and teeth came shooting out of the water like a hurling it's self at starbuck" page 171. This is an example of a simile because the really didn't shoot out of the like a missle.
1.) Before I even started the book I made a prediction that the book would include a dangerous animal
2.) The second reading strategy I used was visualization I could see the plane crashing into the water
3.) The last reading strategy I used was making a inference when i read between the lines and I saw the seal was floating on it's back I just knew something was going to happen to it
Irony found in the raft was at the very end of when the scientist that found her ask her "how did it feel to be on a island alone and she replied "it was so much fun". I know this is Irony because she is the exact opposite of what she really means.
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