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Woodhaven 101

No description

Jaime Freidrichs

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Woodhaven 101

for the Future
For your loved one
What is Woodhaven?
501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
CARF-accredited service provider
110 adults with developmental disabilities
300 staff members
50+ houses and apartments
$10 million budget
Our Mission
Woodhaven - a caring team advocating
for those with disabilities:
Enhancing lives
Respecting individuality
Creating quality opportunities for choice
Promoting community membership
Our History
1964 - Founded by
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Health Services
Services paid by Medicaid Waiver
3 full-time Registered Nurses - Kris, Jan & Amy
Director of Health Services - Robert Palmer, RN
Each nurse has 10-12 homes assigned, following 35-40 individuals
Monthly assessments, communicate with community doctors, teach and advise staff members in the homes, create discharge plans when an individual goes from hospital to home or rehabilitation to home, monitor all medications, advise about special diets, and more
Most of their assessments are house calls so as not to inconvenience the individual supported

Human Resources
Administration of staff records
Tina Rickard, Human Resources Coordinator
Community Living
Direct Support Professionals (DSP)
- primary workers in homes
Home Coordinator
- manages one home or group of apartments
Program Manager
- supervises 4-6 homes each (6 PMs total)
Director of Programs
- Stacy Brown oversees all programs
Chief Operating Officer
- Cindy Busy leads Programs, HR & Health

Woodhaven 101
Front Desk - Paula and Mary
Receptionist, Information Technology, Clerical
Jaime Freidrichs, MPA, CFRE
Director of Development

Governed by
13-member Board of Directors
Our Partners
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
MO Department of Mental Health -
Central Missouri Regional Office (CMRO)
Boone County Family Resources
Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprises and Giving Gardens (CMSE)
Alternative Community Training (ACT)
MORE Group
United Way
Our History
Moved from campus to community-based services
Check out Woodhaven: The First 50 Years book & DVD.
Room and Board paid through person's Social Security benefits
includes transportation & some health;
Other Sources: SNAP, Adaptive Equipment, Midwest Special Needs Trust,
Woodhaven funds
not included: staff training, group activities, extra staffing, most WH nursing, housing subsidy
- helps pay things not funded by Medicaid
- funds for staff bonuses
- special funds: activities, camp
scholarships, special need fund
- family is never required to give
- can help pay rent, cable, camp, clothes, etc.
- never tax deductive, even when paid to
Protecting Benefits
Kris Tenny-Brittian
, Christian Church (Disciples of
Christ) in Mid-America

Vice President
Brad Miller, Columbia Center for Dentistry

Doug Crews
, Missouri Press Association

Kari Lane
, University of Missouri Sinclair School
of Nursing

Past President
Ed Scavone
, Central Bank of Boone County

David Coil
, Coil Construction

Natalie Hardin, Veterans United

De Minner
, retired Research Nurse

Dennis Palmer, Coastal Electric

Joey Parker, The Networks of Mid-Missouri

Erin Reynolds
, 5th Street Christian Church

Marisa Ward
, Planned Parenthood Health

Jerry Zafft
, retired attorney
*family member of individual supported by Woodhaven
**member of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Community Connections (Day Program)
Community Connections Coordinator
- plans activities & calendar
Staffed by DSPs, managed by home coordinators, supervised by a Program Managers & overseen by Director of Programs & COO.

Recruiting and vetting new staff members
Cherie Kemp, Human Resources Generalist
Training staff members (new and current)
Julea Gerhard, Training Coordinator
At least 8 staff members involved in training employees
Oversee Human Resources and Quality Assurance
Greg Bell, Director of Human Resources and Quality Assurance
Accountants - Jill, Alyssa, Jessica
Accounts Payable, Regional Office Reports, Payroll
Accounting Manager - Melissa Tiefenbrun
Budgets for House and Services, Coordinates with Regional Office,
Oversees individual accounts of invidividuals supported
Chief Financial Officer - Steve Durben
Oversees all fiscal and IT operations
Development Administrative Asst. - Josh Beck
Mailing lists, gift processing, coordinates volunteers
Marketing Manager - Liz Sensintaffar
Awareness-raising, website and social media, newsletters
Director of Development - Jaime Freidrichs
Primary fundraiser, oversees Development & Marketing
Development & Marketing
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Palmer
(573) 876-7332
Successor Guardians
Special Needs Trust
Protect Benefits
For Woodhaven
Successor to Trust
Named Funds
Medicaid Eligibility Limits
No more than $999.99 in assets
Spend down to $200 each quarter
Be careful about gifts
Never leave assets
What happens?
Most likely, state will just take for
"repayment" to Medicaid or
To Woodhaven:
For Your Loved One:
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