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Building Collegiality &

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Nathalie Alexander

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of Building Collegiality &

Picture Collage
Favorite Professional Book
Educational Psychology: Theory and Practice
by Robert E. Slavin

This is one of the books I refer to in an effort to understand and assist students. Slavin, R. E., (2006) outlines the major developmental and learning theories; ways in which technology can be used in education; increasing students' motivation to learn; and assessing student learning.

The text outlines many real life examples that teachers can relate to. It encourages teachers to critically reflect on their practice in relation to the material shared in the text. Slavin also shares countless online resources which are available to teachers. I recommend this text to both new and experienced teachers.

Hints and Challenges
My greatest strength is my intrinsic motivation to achieve success in this program. I also have a keen interest in implementing the knowledge acquired into my teaching practice.

On this journey there will be some challenges. My major concerns lie with balancing the demands of my present position as Head of Department and completing all the necessary requirements of this degree to ensure optimum success.
Professional Passion
It is extremely troubling when students in my class are willing to learning, however they are unable to perform due to their style of learning or learning difficulties.

As such one of my burning passions is to be able to assess my students to determine the way each of them learn best.

After this assessment is made I hope to be able to plan lessons which includes classroom activities, strategies and evaluations that cater for all the various learning styles.

Another burning passion is sharing the knowledge gained with my fellow educators.
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."
By Marianne Williamson

This quote speaks to what can achieved if we believe in ourselves. It also brings to light that at times we are the ones holding ourselves back and not other factors.

To be positive professional practitioners we need to realize our potential and that we are in control of our journey of lifelong learning.
is gifted.
their packages at
different times

Role Model
Cheryl Mc Eachnie

My mother has been a teacher at the primary level since 1980. She is one of the main reasons I became a teacher. I have admired her commitment and continued contribution to the education system of Trinidad and Tobago and in the lives of her students.

Even after more than 30 years in the profession she continues to plan, reflect and improve her practice. She also strives for the holistic development of her students.
Role Model
Michelle Blyden

Ms Blyden was the first teacher I met on my first day of work in the British Virgin Islands. Coming from a different country with a slightly different education system, she was one of the persons that made my transition smooth.

Having lost her mother at an early age Michelle was left with the task of raising her three younger sisters. This did not stop her from acquiring an education of her own. I looked up to Michelle because of her passion for teaching and for the difference she made in her students lives.

As the 5th form year head many of the seniors sought her for guidance. She was also the Chairperson of the Miss 5th Form Pageant committee, which is a competition designed to showcase the various talents of our students.

In the classroom she always sought ways to encourage, challenge and impart knowledge in a diverse manner to her students. It is clear from the article below, even though she is no longer a teacher she intends to contribute to the lives of the youth.


Building Collegiality &
a Community of Practice

By Teachers Pay Teachers
Professional Development
All professional practitioners should be a member of a professional body. ASCD is one such body. Members of ASCD are exposed to educational conferences, books, research materials, webinars, online tutorials and other resources necessary for lifelong learning.

I had the opportunity to attend an ASCD conference in Philadelphia where I was exposed to the new trends in education. It also served as a platform to network with other educators from around the world.

ASCD's Mission:
'ASCD is a global community dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching and leading.'

Educationworld.com is an endless source of information for teachers. In particular it contains teacher diaries which are designed for teachers to reflect on learning and teaching.

Academic Learning
In 2001, while pursing my Post Graduate Diploma in Education, I was required to complete a Curriculum Study which I decided to base on the co-relation between Technology and Motivation. The study proved that students were more motivated to learn when using computers. However, there was no significant improvement in the students' test scores.

In 2007, while completing my Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Technology, I designed a self-instructional CD to teach student the double entry principle in accounting. Once again proving a higher level of motivation when using technology.

Academic Learning Tips
These are just a few resources that I find useful from day to day.

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