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Career Path

No description

Andrew Pham

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Career Path

My Ideal Job
This job makes an annual salary of $82,340 or 9739504円
This job connects with my passions as it allows me to make a game of Kirby and
This connects with my values as it allows me to use my creativity to make the game unique and think freely on how to make the game towards a specified deadline and fix certain graphic errors, be thinking critically to my best, and be secure on my job
This fits my lifestyle as the job is close to where I will live and can support my lifestyle with a few extra cash/yen
My Second and Third Ideal Jobs (Backup Jobs)
My Lifestyle
Housing $987.09
Transportation $686.78
Clothing $134.83
Food $671.30
Sundries $75.00
Entertainment $365.00
Vacations $10.00
Child Care $370.81
Health Care $0
Furnishings $83.33
Savings $100.00
Miscellaneous $183.47
Monthly Total: $3,666.80 or 426314円

Annual Salary Required
: $55,002.00 or 6394698円
My Passions
My Passions are
Being creative in art
Kirby (Character)
Digital Art
Role-Playing Games
My Values
Attention to detail
Career Path PowerPoint
My 10-Year Plan
Year 1: Computer Science, Geometry, Japanese, Online Calculus
Year 2: Online Calculus, Language, Algebra 2 Trig, Physics Science
Year 3: Pre-Calculus, Language, Physics Science, Japanese
Year 4: Computer Programming, Japanese, Calculus 1, Programming
Year 5: Computer Graphics, Differential Equation, Japanese, College Algebra
Year 6: Statistics, Other Asian Language, Advanced Physics, Programming in C++
Year 7: Computer Graphics, Computer Physics, Other Asian Language, Computer Design, Advanced Mathematics
Year 8: Other Asian Language, Computer Design, Computer Physics
Year 9: Computer Design, Computer Graphics, Other Asian Language
Year 10: Computer Programming, Advanced Math, Other Asian Language
Video Game Designer
Aerospace Engineer
It allows me to program the materials and frame for an aircraft
It gives me more than enough money for my lifestyle, allowing me to have extra in case of certain things like payment gaps.
This job relates to my values as it allows me to think freely of my own decision and it offer's me job security.
Computer Systems Analyst
It connects with my values as it allows my creativity, use up all of my strongest ability, and have job security
It has enough money to be able to pay and support my lifestyle.
I wanted to live in Japan someday, in Kyoto as it's where Nintendo of Japan is
My money for transportation allows me to get the Honda CR-ZEX, a car I want
My money for entertainment allows me to get some entertainment systems that I want so I can have some fun
By Saving $100/11613円, will allow me to use extra yen in case of emergency
I will rarely go on a vacation during my life, so my money for vacations is low
made by Andrew (Andy/Andi) Pham or Kirby64
With some ideas from Emcra1dDragon1128
Here is a comparison of the first Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 to show how much the graphics evolved throughout the series
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts 2
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (1999)
Heading for a 4-year Bachelor's Degree
Keep My GPA above 4.0
Have A's
Kirby's Adventure Wii (2010)
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