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Faculty Social Media Training

No description

Cara Rousseau

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Faculty Social Media Training

Duke Faculty
Social Media Training
November 2, 2012 Using social media in academia Managing your online presence Consuming content, filtering and listening Resources to take home Connect with students, peers and the media
Classroom learning and technology
Build online presence
Become a known expert
Amplify your voice and opinions Privacy settings and personal vs professional
https://twitter.com/settings/account Using RSS feeds to subscribe to updates
Aggregation tools like Flipboard and Google Reader
The importance of search and keywords spotlight.duke.edu/socialmedia


Lynda.com for the Duke community

today.duke.edu/opinion Tools and Tips Dashboards for desktop and mobile: http://Hootsuite.com

Scheduling and optimized timing: http://BufferApp.com

Collaborative editorial planning:

Linking accounts and cross-promotion
Bit.ly.com, Facebook Insights and Google Analytics for metrics Ways to get noticed
(beyond Facebook, Twitter and blogging) Reddit
Good Reads
Discussion forums Discussion: name two tools you use and how you use them
(can be personal use or for professional use at Duke) Discussion: What tools do you use to keep up? Moving from being a user to a publisher Platforms
Duke Today Opinion page http://today.duke.edu/opinion
Tumblr http://tumblr.com
Video blogging
Google authorship: https://plus.google.com/authorship
Facebook subscribe: https://www.facebook.com/about/subscribe
Wikipedia Discussion: How do you publish your work? Discussion: Is anyone using the above? How's it going? Using social media tools in the classroom Discussion: How are you using social media to engage with students? Blogging
Pinterest boards Nearly 1/3 of professors use social media in the classroom
Source: Pearson and the Babson Research Survey Group. Nearly 90 percent of faculty members in the survey said they use video for teaching. Thank you! Cara Rousseau
@CaraRousseau Today's conversation Social media in academia
Managing your online presence and multiple accounts
Consuming content, filtering and listening
Moving from being a user to a publisher
Ways to get noticed
Using social media in the classroom
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