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Plant Cell Analogy Project

No description

Cheyenne Colley

on 25 October 2010

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Transcript of Plant Cell Analogy Project

Plant Cell!!!!
Rough ER
Golgi Appartus
Smooth ER
Nuclear Envelope
Central Vacuole
Cell Wall
The Plant Cell is like the National Football League
The nucleus is like the head official at a football game, he controls the outcome of the game just like the nucleus controls everything in the cell.
The cell wall is like the offensive line who
protects the quaterback from getting hurt.
The central vacuole is like the oakland raiders
because the raiders draft in all the has beens just
like the central vacuole take in unwanted food
The rough ER is like the defensive cordinator, who coaches the
players to get them ready for the game, like the ER combines
protiens to export them from the cell. (Stellers)
Lysomes are like injurys, the break a football players
carrer like Lysomes break down protiens lipids and
carbohydrates. (joe thiesman)
The chloroplast is like gatorade, which
gives energy to the football players, like
chloroplast converts sunlight into energy
The smooth ER is like the offensive coordinator,
it gets the offensive line ready for a game but is
not as rough as the defensive coordinator
The nuclear envelope is like the quaterback
because the quaterback is in charge of the movement of the football. (joe mantana)
The ribosome is like training camp because that
is where they assemble thier team like the ribsome
assembles protiens
The Golgi Appartus is like the general manager because
he helps decides who gets drafted like the Golgi appartus
sorts out protiens (jerry jones)
The Cytoplasm is like the football players
helmet the head can move around but is
safe and supported.

Cell Membrane
The Cell Membrane is like the football players
facemask it allows the voice to travel out and
the eyes to see but it keeps the face protected.

The Mitochondria is like the players cleats which
transfer the movement of the players leg to traction
on the terf so the player can move forward
The nucleolus is like drafting because that
is where everything starts and the nucleolus
is where assembly begins.
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