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Distance by John Berger

No description

Aracelis Berríos

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Distance by John Berger

Distance by John Berger

Aracelis Berríos
Advanced 12

Biography of John Berger
You have filled the thermos with coffee
packed our footprints if needed
to throw into the jaws
of the untestifying

eternal snow.

of the untestifying
we have taught the distance
how to build a roof
from the trees
we run between
In the silence behind
Together as carpenters with hammers
And tomorrow where
question of the summer house:
He was born on November 5, 1926 in London Borough of Hackney,United Kingdom. Is one of the most influential thinkers of recent years. Author of novels, essays, plays, films, photographic collaborations and performances, no art form has escaped his talent. His essays and articles revolutionized the understanding of the fine arts, and its commitment to the European peasantry. In 1962 he left his home in England to settle in a small town in the French Alps.
we no more hear the faraway
shall we go?
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