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Outcome-Based Education : Response to Quality Learning

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angelica ann achazo

on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of Outcome-Based Education : Response to Quality Learning

What is OBE ?
Clearly focusing and organizing everything in an educational system around what is essential for all students to be able to do successfully at the end of their learning experiences (Spady,1994:1).
Is an assessment-driven system that operates through the setting up of standards.
Why shift to OBE ?
OBE is distinguish from other reforms by it's focus on outcomes, thereby enabling it to address the pressing world-wide concerns on accountability, and effectively pairs legislative control with the institutional autonomy (Evans, 1991).
How to adopt to OBE ?
a. Institutuional Intended Learning Outcomes (IILO)
b. Program Intended Learning Outcomes (PILO)
c. Course Intended Learning Outcomes (CILO)
d. Intended Learning Outcomes
Four Basic Principles of OBE (Spady, 1993)
Clarity of focus about outcomes
Designing backwards
Consistent, high expectations of success
Expanded opportunity
Outcome-Based Education : Response to Quality Learning
Outcome-Based Teaching and Learning (OBTL) three pronged implication :
a. for the learners, it promotes a deep and lifelong learning skills
b. for teachers it promotes reflective teaching practices
c. for the institution, it addresses continous program improvement
Framework of Outcome-Based Education
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