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The Loch Ness Monster

No description

Ellie Barry

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of The Loch Ness Monster

The Loch Ness Monster
What I Think
By Ellie Barry

754 ft. deep
22 1/2 miles long
1 - 1 1 /2
miles wide
could hold the population of
the world 10 times over
More water than England,
Scotland, and Whales combined
Largest body of fresh
water in Britain
It's called the Loch Ness
Monster supposedly
inhabits it
This monster is best
known as the Loch Ness
Monster or Nessie
Scientific Name: Nessiteras Rhombopteryx
People have searched and searched for it
The first organized search was in 1934
no definite explanation

In 1998 another group of scientists used sonar equipment.
Dr. Rines who helped find the Titanic, spent 37 years trying to find Nessie

Photos, Videos, and Sightings
some fake
some real
some we don't know
Fake photo taken by Marmaduke Whetherell.
Film taken by Tim Dinsdale in 1960
prehistoric reptiles that existed 160 million years ago and became extinct 65 million years ago
neck wasn't strong enough
to hold their head high in the water
and they ate soft-bodied creatures on the sea floor.
Baltic Sturgeon
9 ft. long weigh 450 lbs.

have a snout and spines that run down their backs.
Just Made Up
Some think that stories are just
made up to help the economy.
1 million people visit the
Loch Ness every year and 85% come because of the monster
Giant Eel
more eels in the Loch
Ness than all the fish combined
Largest kind: moray eels (up to 12 feet long)
Typical Nessie sighting: 30 ft. long
tend to live on the ocean floor
where there's lots of loose sediment that
they could hide under and not be detected
by sonar equipment
tend to have an extended dorsal fin running
down back that could look like humps
whole back of eel could look like a single hump
was claimed that an eel in Scotland lived for 150 years
Giant Wave
Geologists think Nessie could be an underwater wave caused by seismic rumblings
Francesco Gasprini
was a French journalist
who claimed he invented Nessie.
He said that he heard a story about two fishermen who caught a big fish.
said he exaggerated it and added eye-witness accounts, photos, and drawings.
Got Trapped When
Caves Collapsed
lakes were connected
by underwater caves that
drained into the Morway Firth
could have found way int the Loch Ness before caves collapsed
That Old?
puzzled people how long sightings date back
would take at least 10 Nessies to keep species alive
don't think it's just a hoax
too many sightings

some pictures taken by scientists
with good cameras
has to be something in the lake
maybe a wave
in most videos, there's just the head and neck
in lots of sightings it's described as tall and wide
Nessie might be a wave and something else

Not Baltic Sturgeon
although they're big and tend to live on the sea floor
don't think people would mistake a Baltic Sturgeon for a monster
Couldn't be a Plesiosaur
been extinct for 65 million years
if 100 years, might be reasonable
even if it was only 1 million years, would be impossible
I Think it's a Combination of the Eels and a Wave
pictures where one long thing is sticking up is probably an eel
when people see really big things it's a wave
more eels in Loch Ness then all the fish
could be buried in loose sediment
The mystery has intrigued people for many years
don't know if we'll ever find out what's in the lake
people will hunt and hunt for many years to come
might even get caught in the wave and form humps
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On October 9, 1987 - Search Called Operation Deepscan
• used sonar equipment
• detected three moving objects larger than a shark, but smaller than a whale
• detected two unknown objects
• a hunter who was embarrassed after being tricked into believing there was a monster in the lake
• convinced his son-in-law to make a sculpture of of Nessie which floated on the surface while he took pictures of it
• son-in-law confessed on his death bed

• basis for most people's beliefs in Nessie
•probably just a boat
In 2007 Gordon Holmes
• thought he took
a picture of Nessie
•looks real
• some people think
it could just be
something ordinary
like an otter or seal

Photos That Are Real
• are taken by scientists with high-tech sonar and underwater cameras
• shown something that looks like a plesiosaur

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