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No description

Sara Schroeder

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Titanic

Movie, History, and Characters...
Movie Vs History
By Sara Schroeder
Real Footage
Movie Trailer





A seventeen-year-old aristocrat, expecting to be married to a rich man by her mother, falls in love with a kind but poor artist aboard the luxurious, doomed R.M.S. Titanic.

Director: James Cameron
Writer: James Cameron
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, etc
- RMS stands for Royal Mail Steamer
- Titanic: taken from the Greek mythology, meaning gigantic
- The second of the three Olympic liners: the first was the RMS Olympic, second was the Titanic, and the third was the HMHS Britannic
- The largest vessels of the White Star Line
- The ship before the RMS Titanic was called the SS Majestic, Titanic replaced it
- Built in Belfast, Northern Ireland by shipbuilders Harland and Wolff who had a long established relationship with White Star Line going all the way back to 1867
- Harland and Wolff put their leading designers to work, which consisted of Lord Pirrie, naval architect Thomas Andrews, Edward Wilding, and Alexander Carlisle.
- Carlisle's responsibilities were decorations, equiptment and general arrangements
- On July 29th, 1908 Harland and Wolff presented the drawings to Star White Line executives.
- They approved the design and signed three "letters of agreement" two days later, allowing the beginning of construction.
- The first ship (Olympic) was first referred to as "Number 400" and the second ship (Titanic) was referred to as "Number 401"

Dimensions and Layout
Length: 882 ft (268.8 m)
Width: 92 ft (28 m)
Height: 175 ft (53.3 m)

- There were nine decks all together on the Titanic. They were:
- Boat Deck
- A Deck (A.K.A: Promenade Deck)
- B Deck: (A.K.A: The Bridge Deck)
- C Deck: (A.K.A: Shelter Deck)
- D Deck: (A.K.A: The Saloon Deck)
- E Deck (A.K.A: The Upper Deck)
- F Deck (A.K.A: The Middle Deck)
- G Deck (A.K.A: The Lower Deck)
- Orlop (partial) Decks and Tank Top

Hitting the Iceberg
- Main characters were Rose Dewitt Bukater and Jack Dawson

- James Cameron didn't know Joseph Dawson existed or was even on the Titanic until after the screenplay

- James Cameron did the sketch of Rose in Titanic. He also drew the pictures that were in Jack's sketchbook

- In the movie, Officer Murdoch committed suicide because he killed one of Jack Dawson's friends that were trying to get onto the boat
- Jack and Rose were fictional characters that Cameron created to have the audience develop a person connection with the movie.

- J. Dawson did actually board the real Titanic but his name was Joseph. He was a trimmer on the Titanic which started at loading coal into the ship and ending with the delivery of coal to the stoker

- From the accounts of witnesses, they have said that an officer did commit suicide but they aren't completely sure if it was Officer Murdoch
- The band on the Titanic continued to play as the ship sunk
- Some passengers did decide to go down with the ship.
- Titanic did actually break apart as it sunk (witnessed by survivors)
- Carried 20 lifeboats:
- 14 standard wooden Harland & Wolff with a capacity of 65 people
- 4 Englehardt "collapsible" (wooden bottom, collapsible canvas sides) with a capacity of 47 people
- 2 Emergency cutters with a capacity of 40 people
- All life boats were securely stored on boat deck
- 16 sets of davits - each set able to handle 4 lifeboats: this gave the Titanic the ability to carry up to 64 wooden lifeboats (enough for 4000 people - more than the Titanic's actual capacity

2,200 passengers and crew on board
- Since the Titanic was known for being unsinkable, the lifeboats were basically necessary only for other sinking ships' survivors
- Each passenger was given one life jacket

April 14th, 1912 at 11:40PM: Titanic struck an ice berg
- Collision didn't sound too bad to the passengers and crew but little did they know it was viral and fatal
- If 4/16 compartments were flooded, Titanic would have been able to stay afloat (6/16 were flooded)

The ship slowly began to sink below the ocean on April 15th, 1912 at 2:20AM (about 400 miles south of Newfoundland, Canada

- An hour and twenty minutes after Titanic sunk, Carpathia arrived

- On September 1st, 1985 a U.S - French expedition located Titanic lying on the ocean floor at about 13000 feet below sea level
Survivors and Victims
- 1522 passengers and crew perished, 705 survived (different accounts make the exact amount unknown)

Perished Women:
- 3% of first class women were lost, 54% in 3rd class died

Perished and Survived Children:
- 5/6 1st class and all 2nd class children survived, 52/79 in 3rd class died

Millvina Dean:
- Last living survivor from England
- Nine years old, youngest passenger on board
- died aged 97 on May 31st, 2009


Violet Jessop:
- Crew member
- Survived sinkings of Titanic and Britannic
- Onboard olympic when rammed in 1911
All in all, I found this movie somewhat accurate to the historical event. The actors seemed to resemble the real people quite well.
History: 8.5/10
Characters: 9/10
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