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Service Management - SERVQUAL

No description

Pok Yan Wong

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Service Management - SERVQUAL

Service Management
HTM 3114 Prepared by Objective Understand different research methods Evaluate the strength and weakness Questionnaire SERVQUAL Background To provide some advices about the customers’ questionnaire of Elite Hotel Objective of Services Research Complaint solicitation Critical incident studies Requirements research Relationship surveys and SERVQUAL survey Trailer calls or post-transaction survey
Database marketing research Type of Research Elite Hotel Questionnaire Strength 17 items to evaluate the customers satisfaction Weakness Allow customer express recommendation

Know more about the customer’
expectation of service Discover customers or expectations for service Contain both English and Chinese
Show all content in one page
Convenient and comfortable 17 ticking box of question
Finish within 5 mins
Low research cost Hotel can send the latest information

Keep in touch with customers Build a long-term relationship Readability Low time consuming Discover the appreciation of Best service Reward the outstanding employee
Boost the employee motivation
Maintain the service quality SERVQUAL In 1988...
a benchmark or basic approach for managing
reviewing service quality, The SERVQUAL was develop and publish by Zeithaml, Parasuraman & Berry. Analyzes the difference between the customers expected and perceived service value To measure the fifth gap of perceived service quality.
To determine the average gap score which between customers’ perceptions and expectations for each service attribute
To assess a company’s service quality along each of the five SERQUAL dimensions .
To track customers’ expectations and perceptions over time
To assess internal service quality 21 service attributes
5 service quality dimensions Tangible Physical Facilities, equipment, and appearance of personnel Reliability Ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately Responsiveness Willingness to help customers and provide prompt service Assurance Knowledge and courtesy of employees and their ability to inspire trust and confidence Caring, individualized attention the firm provides its customers Empathy Research Method SERVQUAL Format Time Cost Content Elite Hotel's Questionnaire Rating Categorization Elite SERVQUAL VS. 17 items 22 items Three option 7 Likert scale More Accurate
& Useful result Elite SERVQUAL Different service area Five dimensions Reception
Guest Room
Crown Club
Business Center
Health & recreation Reliability
Responsiveness More user-friendly Mystery Shopping Program Facility provision
Marketing of services
Choice of food
Beverage availability
General tone
Quality and vibe of the business Cost Development Research Objective of Services Aims To make specific improvements where necessary revise the training of staff change product positioning and delivery maximize their quality of service The use of individuals trained to experience and measure any customer
service process, by acting as potential customers and in some way reporting
back on their experiences in a detailed and objective way. Overall satisfaction with product
Likelihood of repurchasing from your organization in the future
Willingness to recommend your product and organization to others
Perception of your products as representing good value
Overall satisfaction with the servicing your organization has provided
How accessible your organization makes itself to your customers
How responsive your organization is to those customers who initiate contact. Questionnaire Should Include following area Qualitative research Measurement of loyalty Rating System is too gernal
Only Three Option: outstanding, satisfactory and unsatisfactory Outstanding , satisfactory and unsatisfactory Too general for evaluating the company internal service Can not identify dissatisfied customers
Can not gauge effectiveness of changes in service delivery Just ask the satisfaction on different departments and facilities areas Difficult for the company to monitor and track on service performance Can't discover the customers requirements or expectations for service Questionnaire Purpose:
To gain recognition on service performance Without any explanation of recommendation about the outstanding employee Hard to discover the customers requirements or expectations for service Elite Hotel Servqual A variety range of service related questions 21 questions
include both perception and expectation
And weight area Only focus on particular area such as Reception, Concierge Elite Hotel Servqual Time Consuming 3-5 mins 6-10 mins The Elite one is more user-friendly compare to the Servqual one. Servqual one is more diversify and detail in asking the questions which can help to achieve the objective Elite Servqual Effectiveness Occurs with appropriate frequency Measures Priorities or Importance Suggestion successfully cover the objective of the questionnaire
useful to help the hotel or company to understand the perceptions, expectation of customers
help the organization to evaluate their internal service performance
easier for them to distinguish the customers gap and take progress to improve Should we suggest replacing the 17 items of this questionnaire with a 21-perception-item SERVQUAL? Yes ! In Large extend Servqual... Elite's Questionnaire didn't asked as deep and detailed as Servqual
can't help to generate a comprehensive and a expected result In Small extend Elite's Questionnaire... categorization
more user-friendly-oriented
remain the opened question
guest information detail
recommendation for outstanding employee Advantages from Elite’s one should be remained VS Mystery shopper program Questionnaire Mystery shopping program Questionnaire Higher cost of hiring research company Lower Cost
Place the questionnaire at different department of hotel Style of Research Structured
Open question Questionnaire Mystery shopping program Not well-developed in Hong Kong’s hotel industry Hotel industry is not included Long history in the survey domain maturely developed and provide abundant reference Frequency Mystery shopping program Questionnaire Cannot provide a consistent survey to the hotel Cannot conduct surveys to all departments every day Allows all customers write down their opinions every day towards different departments Summary Questionnaire survey is still be a traditional and effective way to survey a firm’s service quality Cheaper more consistent more well-developed Mystery shopping program supplement tool reliable & effective Includes Statistical Validity Elite Hotel's manager Design a Hotel questionnaire to collect customer feedback Seeking advice from Research consultant Research Consultant To analyze different research methods Hotel Research Organization These mystery shoppers are trained. Objective:
To investigate service performance Hong Kong Retail Management Association has launched the Mystery programme since 1996 Summary To assess gaps between customer expectations and perceptions
To identify dissatisfied customers so that service recovery can be attempted
To gauge effectiveness of changes in service delivery
To determine customer expectations for a new service
To monitor changing customer expectations in an industry
To forecast future expectation of customers. Elite's Hotel Questionnaire is hard to: Combines the strengths of both 17 items style and 22 items servqual survey contents Launch the mystery shopping program only under the situation of enough capital and combination with questionnaire survey together Conclusion Wong Cheuk Ka,Connie 11349441D
Chui Chi Hung,Ada 11093448D
Law Yin Lam, Alieen 11051006D
Wong Pok Yan,Elvis 11346396D 1)To find customer requirement or expectation
2)To monitor service performance
3) To assess overall company performance
4) To assess gaps between customers expectations and perceptions
5) To identify dissatisfied customers so that service recovery can be attempted 6) To measure effectiveness of changes in service delivery
7) To appraise the service performance of individuals and teams of evaluation, recognition and rewards
8) To determine customer expectations for a new service
9) To monitor changing customer expectation in an industry
10) To forecast future expectation of customers Can not achieve to assess gaps between customer expectations and perceptions hard to determine customers expectations of new service
hard to forecast future expectation of customers The questionnaire to be not an all-rounded substitute No questions to be asked which is related to future expectation on your company weakness hinder your hotel improvement To make improvement of service To measure individual employee performance Evaluation and Reward SERVQUAL
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