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Group Project Prezi

World geo. weiss 3rd hour table six asia country product

Omar Jawaid

on 17 September 2010

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Transcript of Group Project Prezi

Hairy-nosed Otter
Pygmy Loris
Clouded Leopard

Douc Monkey
Black-shanked Douc

Critically Endangered:
Javan Rhinoceros
Sumutran Rhinoceros Saudi Arabia They normally eat with their fingers on their right hand. They eat mildly spicy food. Muslims in Saudi Arabia do not drink alcohol or eat pork for religious reasons. Sri Lanka Lunch is the largest meal. People in Sri Lanka eat with their left hand. Cambodia Food in Cambodia is influenced by Indian, Chinese, and European cuisine. People in Cambodia eat with chopsticks, spoons, and their fingers. Yemen People in Yemen wash their hands and face before eating. They sit on the floor around a mat with food when eating meals. Saudi Arabia Cambodia: China: Vulnerable:
Sperm Whale
Wild Yak
Pygmy Loris

Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey
Particolored Flying Squirrel
Dwarf Blue Sheep
Giant Panda

Critically Endangered:
Wild Bactrian Camel
Koslov's Shrew
Javan Rhinoceros
Kouprey China The citizens of China use chopsticks in every meal. Tipping in a resturant in China is traditonally an insult. What people eat depends on what is produced in the region they live in. China- Strong economy, but big population still causes poverty for many citizens.
Cambodia- Cambodia has recovered alot of strength compared to a few years ago. So right now it stands as a very good ecomomy for such a unnoticed country.
Saudia Arabia- Saudia Arabia has a very strong but undiversed economy.
Yemen- Yemen is a very poor country, which only reflects its horrible agricuture.
Sri Lanka- Despite growth and education potential Sri Lanka's goverment has been destroyed by the price of war. (More facts in warfare section on the war.) Miltary Braches China Some Wars taken/taking part in
Opium War
World War I
World War II
Cold War
Many Ancient Wars Military Equipment Ancient
Other Blades
Bo Staffs
Cross Bows
Siege towers
And Much More Modern
Nuculer Weapons
Chemical Weapons
Sniper Rifles
Machine Guns
Assault Rifles
Aircrafts Carriers
And Much More You Name It They Probably Have It (Only some animals in each group) Sri Lanka Vulnerable:
Sloth Bear
Fishing Cat
Eurasian Otter
Sri Lankan Giant Squirrel
Toque Macaque

Blue Whale
Sri Lanka Shrew
Pruple-faced Leaf Monkey
Asian Elephant

Critically Endangered:
Nillu Rat Saudi Arabia Vulnerable
Geoffroy's Bat
LesserHorseshoe Bat
Sind Bat

Arabian Jird
Arabian Oryx
Nubian Ibex

Critically Endangered:
NONE Yemen Vulnerable
Dorcas Gazelle
Sind Bat

Nubian Ibex

Critically Endangered:
NONE Wars taken/taking part in: Gulf War
Ottoman-Saudi War
North Yemen Civil War
Unification of Saudi Arabia
Sa'dah Insurgency
Saudi-Yemeni War
War on Terror Yemen:only men and boys play soccer that is called football in yemen,
and play boxing, and yemen olympic games.

Cambodia: Cambodia plays croc that is a game where you try not to touch the ground and you only use your feet and you pass it around.

Saudi Arabia: These poeple play dominoes, mah-jongg and Asian games is a sports event.

Sri Lanka:They play cricket it is kind of like baseball except diffrent bat very diffrent ball. cricket Yemen Cambodia A major civil war took places
It was basically communist vs. democrats
Even with help from the U.S democrats lost
Now occupied by Vietnam the Cambodian Genocide began
Apprx. 2 million Cambodians died from starvation, execution, and forced labor
In the end communism died out Cambodia once more began democratic but then once more communism rose
Finaly after many wars democrats prevailed
Currently recovering from war
A leader of the communist went on trial and blamed for 1.7 million deaths Sri Lanka Kouprey Bangeng Baiji
(Chinese River Dolphin) Toque Macaque Sri Lankan Giant Squirrel Dwarf Blue Sheep Nubian Ibex Arabian Jird Arabian Oryx
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