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Class presentation on Diigo Web 2.0 and its usage

Pat Buckley

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Diigo

Diigo Web Web 2.0 Tool A web 2.0 tool presentation We have all used a web browser's
Bookmark, they all have them. Whenever we go back to
a page we've bookmarked,
your flooded by the entire site
and get lost from what exactly
you wanted from the page. You can create folders, tags,
you can arrange the order. However, you're
limited. . . You can only go to sites that you've
visted on that particular computer. Welcome to: Stray away from the
generic browser based
bookmarkers. Diigo allows you to: Research Share Collaborate Your able to archive
and access your bookmarks
anywhere and at anytime. It's internet based, so
it's always available.

That is of course if Temple's
internet doesn't fail.... again. You can share your annotated pages
with your followers on Diigo
or elsewhere.
Or get a stream of interesting content
by others you like. Create private or public groups,
such as for your class. Share your findings, such as for group projects And, interact on the web in-situ
or in the group. You can annotate the websites you visit You can add highlights to the large
amounts of information on a particular
page. Even add sticky notes. So to remember thoughts
during reading. Sorry Post-It How it works...
Rather simple.
It's a free service.
So a short easy sign up
is required first.
Then a download of Diigo.
Which will give your browser
a Diigo tool bar. Now whenever on a site,
simply hit the botton.
Save as a tag or with a description. Now just enter you descrption.... Possibly tag it as well.
Recommendations are always
nice Then... Simply go to your library
and revisit your bookmarks.
They are conviently
organized in 5 categories
It's seperated by dates and shows the annotated
pieces... Even just e-mail
the site to someone
Go to the Diigo.com
website, log in.
and... By Pat Buckley Any questions? No questions?
Awesome, means this presentation
was effective. Hope everyone
utilizes Diigo
Why use it? You're now able to quickly
reference the information
you needed from the web page.
Instead of reading the entire
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