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Universal Law of Gravity

The Law of Universal Gravity

Collene Lamonte

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Universal Law of Gravity

Universal Law of Gravity Gravity is the force that attracts any two
Masses together This force is also what keeps objects on earth The law of gravity is expressed with the math equation Everything has an attractive force although with smaller masses the force is so small it is negligible That guy learned about gravity the hard way (F) is the force of gravity
(m1) is the first mass
(m2) is the second mass
(R) is the distance between
(G) is the Universal Gravitation Constant Example:

What is the gravitational force between the
earth and the moon? What effects the gravitational force an object exerts? Relationships: This has been a brief explanation of gravity Big "G" is different from little "g" SO . . . . . The moon and earth are
attracted to each other
with 20 billion trillion Newtons
of force! The objects' mass and how far apart they are. the Bigger the Mass = The MORE Gravity
The Farther apart = The LESS Gravity http://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulation/gravity-force-lab Centripetal Force The force that keeps an object
moving in a circular path.
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