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Burger King Fast Delivery

No description

Mariana Vernieri

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Burger King Fast Delivery

Burger King Fast Delivery

Integrated Marketing Campaign
Robert Duran
Vittoria Rosania
Melanie Stempel
Mariana Vernieri

Lynn University - Fall 1, 2013
Prof: Matteo Peroni

Burger King
Second largest fast food hamburger restaurant (12,667 restaurants)
95% are owned by franchisers
60% of the restaurants are in USA and Canada
Founded: 1954, Miami, FL
CEO: Bernard Hees
Founders: David Edgerton, James McLamore
Delivery Service
Pilot Program "BK delivers" introduced in USA in 2012
Only available in 100 restaurants (less than the 1.5% of all USA Burger King Locations)
$2 delivery fee; $10 delivery minimum
No significant marketing efforts have been made to promote BK Delivers so far.
Race Car Sponsorship
BK has timidly made an incursion in the sponsoring of Race Car Teams:

The Refrigerator magnet is a staple in every American home.
It's among the easiest and most functional advertising methods we decided to implement.
It's dual purpose will ensure that consumers always have the BKFD number handy.
Phone number that is simple to remember and added a new website that is equally as memorable
Magazine Ads
Full-page publications, in a prominent section of general interest magazines, such as People, US Weekly, or Life.
Street Marketing
Surrounding Sound system simulating a race car audio effect, mounted in a crowded street
Artificial wind to deepen the "invisible car" effect
F1 Race Car with BKFD logos parked out of first sight
Promoters dressed as pilots, by the car, distributing mini-whoopers and promotional stuff
A video showing the setup and the faces of surprise/ wonder/ discovery and enjoyment of the pedestrians is edited and distributed on the web for maximum impact
Decorated Vehicles
More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers.
Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of Advertising.
Billboards in the Highways
Online Marketing
Improved Social Media Presence
Search Engine Optimization
Contextual Ads targeting not only "fast food delivery" keywords but also "pizza delivery" and "chinese delivery" to pop up as options to those markets
Remodeled Website
Mobile App
These iPhone and Android apps will allow customers to easily order food on the go, right from the mobile device.
TV Commercial
30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the ad they see.
The vehicles will be seen all over the city and will allow BKFD to reach its peak exposure during rush hour.
BKFD's billboard advertisements will use attractive images and wording to get the message across to the audience in 8 seconds or less, even when they are in a moving car.

New design matching the palette, style and logo of the whole campaign
BK Racing NASCAR stock car racing team, sponsoring two Toyota Camry Racing V8’s.
F1 Sauber team, sponsoring of Sauber's two cars.
The BK logos are not highly visible on the cars and BK's presence on racing cars so far is not very noticeable.
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