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The Holden fx by Aidan Johnson

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 1 September 2015

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Transcript of The Holden fx by Aidan Johnson

How has an individual or group significantly contributed the Australian Culture?
The Holden is all Australian. When people think about Australia they think of the HOLDEN CAR.
Why was the Holden car industry so important to Australia ?
It played an important role in the country's industrial Develepment and jobs for Australians.
When was the first Australian Holden car produced?
In 1948 the first Australian motor
vehicle was
What was the name of the first car made in Australia ?
It was called the 48.215 also known as the FX. The price was $733. It would take the average person 94 weeks of pay to save this much money. The car was very Popular and Holden could not keep up in with the demand. The Pirme minister Ben Chifley unveiled the car.
Who started the Holden car industry?
James Alexander Holden started business as a saddlery in Adelaide, fixing car upholstery and in later years vehicle bodies.

by Aidan
Every Thing Is Awesome.
Holden commodore in 1982 Holden made 3 versions of this car and began its 6 year start of being the best selling Australian car.

In 1986 the VL Commodore used a Nissan engine.
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