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Hoover Dam

No description

Keseni Sankarabalan

on 28 December 2017

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Transcript of Hoover Dam

The purpose of the Hoover dam is Power, flood control, water storage, regulation, recreation. The function of the Hoover dam is power and my more. The from is a solid structures.
Food Pyramid
Positive affects for humans
Building the Hoover Dam prevents the Colorado River from flowing. This dam also decreases the population of the fish and other sea animals/mammals in the Colorado River.
The Hoover dam also decreases the population of animals in the water which effects the food pyramid.
The Hoover dam produces a lot of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and CH4 (Methane) which both pollute the air.
The temperature is usually pretty low in the Colorado River but since the Hoover dam, the temperatures have been rising.
Environmental Impact
By: Arthur, Maggie, Regan, Turab and Keseni
Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam offers water to many cities such as Los Angeles.
How does it benefit the environment?
To build a dam is also quite cheap for maintenance cost.
This dam runs on hydro electricity. Therefore making this eco-friendly because it releases no pollutants.
It provides energy for a very long time. It can be used again and again because it is a renewable source of energy
The secondary consumer is the coyote dog. This dog eats rodents, rabbits, lizards, birds and other meat. If there wasn’t any coyote dog the rabbits would over populate.
The primary consumers are the rodents, rabbits, lizards, birds. If there weren’t rabbits the area would be cover with tall grass.
caused many floods, which affected the plants next to the river
while creating the dam, there was a lot of pollution, because all the equipment and materials were not eco-friendly
the Hoover Dam created Lake Mead, which is used as a water source, and for recreational purposes
Hoover Dam is located in Clark country Nevada and the border is Arizona Mohave city. The Hoover dam was once called the boulder dam. The Hoover dam construction started at 1931 and the opening started 1936 it took 6 years to build the Hoover dam. The Hoover dam is a concrete gravity arch. The Hoover dam height is 726.4ft(221.4)m length is 1,244 ft (379)m. The Hoover dam protects from floods .
By: Arthur: The pros 1,2
Maggie: Environmental Impact 4,5
Regan: 5 basic needs
Turab: the stucture 2
Keseni; food pyramids, The purpose Funtion form
Long-Term Effects
it endangered four species of fish because the dam stopped the flow to the mouth of the Colorado River
plants lose water because the Colorado River doesn't flood naturally anymore
the animal population also decreases, because there are less plants
provides humans with electricity, but some houses that were nearby had to be moved
the dam populates the Colorado River with fish, so there is less food for all the fish to eat
makes water cooler; it affects fish and plants that aren't used to the new temperature
Bonytail Chub
Razorback Sucker
Colorado Pikeminnow
Humpback Chub
Hoover Dam also served as highway on top of the dam used to handle 17,000 vehicles crossing the dam evey day as result of 911 heavy trucks are allowed to cross the dam on the hoover dam
The purpose of the Hoover dam is Power, flood control, water storage, regulation, recreation. The function of the Hoover dam is power and my more. The form is an solid structure.
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