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Analysis of Music Websites

No description

Imy Griffiths

on 20 July 2017

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Transcript of Analysis of Music Websites

Analysis of Music Websites
Rudimental is a drum & bass/electronica/pop music band and produce up beat, dance songs. The use of colouring on this particular website is very colourful and with the white background parts, it appears to be a pure website. As you click onto the website, you're brought to a page that has information on how to purchase their new album and where you can do so. Similarly to the Coldplay website, there's a sidebar which includes information on videos, store, tour etc. This makes it easy for the audience to access information they were looking for easily. It also has a feature at the bottom where users can sign up to be kept notified on recent activity from the website and the band itself. This is a feature I may consider as I believe it's very effective and it will keep the audience engaged. The font of the text is very basic and bold, which is effective as it stands out from the colourful background of the main image and the white background of the side bar and other areas of the website.
AC/DC is a very famous hard rock/rock and roll band that has been around for many years. Immediately we can tell this website is for a rock band due to many different features. Firstly, the black background and old, murky text colouring has stereotypical connotations with rock music and bands. A feature that is personally effective is the language selection bar at the top of the website. This means the website can be viewed by anyone worldwide and is open to all countries, increasing its reach. The website also has a sidebar which contains categories such as news, tour, fan mail, store etc. However, tour, music and store have their own boxes below the main image on the home page. This implies these are the most important categories and the most popular ones the audience click on first. The image on the first page doesn't stay the same as there's a slide show of pictures such as live concert performances, fans and the band members themselves. This in a way provides a sneak peak on what the band is like and the type of audience they perform to. It also shows their success as they're performing to a massive audience, which shows off their popularity and fame.
The official website for Coldplay includes mise en scene elements, particularly with the use of colouring. The background colour is a very dark grey/black and the majority of the text and images are multicoloured. This is effective as it makes these specific features stand out more and attracts the audiences' attention directly to it. Animations have also been used, such as the boy on the cloud which subtly hovers in all directions, which adds a unique touch to the website. Coldplay's genre consists of multiple genres, including pop music and pop rock/alternative rock. From this website, it's hard to tell that one of the genres Coldplay consists of is pop rock as there are no obvious features of the website that give this information off. When creating my website, I'll make sure to include elements that will make it obvious of what the genre of the music is. The website also includes information of recent singles, tours, apps and merchandise that are available. These are clearly notified due to the bold colours that stand out and the size of the images advertising them. It also has a side bar that includes different categories, such as store, news, tour, videos etc. This makes the website appear easy to use as information is clearly shown and can be viewed by one click. This inspires me to make my website simple yet effective as I want the audience to be able to view information easily but to also contain technical features than are eye catching and attract the audience.
Justin Bieber
The official website for Justin Bieber is completely different to the Coldplay website, particularly with the colouring that's been used. Coldplay's is full of a range of colours whereas with Bieber's the main colours used are black ad white. However, this can also be effective as these two colours are very contrasting and stand out from one another. For example, the artist's name is in black which makes it stand out from the white background, Below this is a gallery of photos that contain images of new singles, albums and tour announcements. Most of these images are full of colour, which singles them out from the black and white which attracts the audience's direct attention. In images that include Bieber, he keeps his face hidden, for example in the tour photo he's facing away from the camera. This may imply he wants to keep his identity hidden and kept a mystery. The font used for his name is unfinished, slightly wonky and looks handwritten. This can gives the audience an insight on what Bieber is like as an artist as this conveys a personal, down to earth feel. Similarly to the other websites, this one also contains a sidebar that includes categories such as news, videos, shop, shows etc. This allows the audience to access more detail in certain elements the want to find out more about. There's also links to social medias where users can be kept updated on the latest news and information from a variety of platforms, meaning this will be delivered to all ages and demographics.
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